Authentic Cantonese Tangerine Peel: From “Paradise of Birds” to “Xiong Zi Pagoda of Tea Pit”

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The Spring Festival is approaching, the Spring Festival market is booming, the New Year’s flavor is thick, the xinhui specialty “tangerine peel” has also become the Spring Festival market popular goods.Xinhui is a land of talents and natural treasures. Xinhui is famous for its wide tangerine peel and sunflower fan.In October 2006, the former AqSIQ approved the implementation of geographical indication product protection for “Xinhui Tangerine peel”.In 2011, Xinhui was named “Hometown of Tangerine peel of China” and “Hometown of Authentic Chinese Tangerine peel of China” by China Pharmaceutical Culture Research Association.Xinhui tangerine peel is one of the most outstanding varieties of traditional Chinese medicine in China, and also one of the varieties with good heritage and protection of traditional Chinese medicine culture.Guangdong Xinhui ancient known as Gangzhou, because of the territory of the Jin Gang mountain named.Xinhui is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 1600 years. With a history of thousands of years and profound cultural deposits, xinhui is one of the regions with the most prosperous literary style in The history of Guangdong. It is the birthplace of Lingnan School and Lingnan Qin School, and is known as “Dongguan’s fist xinhui Pen” and can be called “Han Jia Gang Prefecture”.Tangerine peel is the name of traditional Chinese medicine, which is divided into “tangerine peel” and “tangerine peel”.Guangtangpi, also known as Yuetangpi, is the mature and dry peel of Xinhui Dahong orange (famous Chaizhi orange) in Guangdong province. It has been used as medicine for more than 700 years. It is recorded in The Book Ben Jing Feng Yuan of Kangxi Dynasty that “Produced in xinhui in eastern Guangdong, the old will be good”.Qing dynasty famous doctor Ye Tianshi opened the Chinese herbal medicine “two Chen tang”, specially noted “new skin”, because it is not a new club produced by its medicinal power is far inferior, and lack of aroma and bi mouth (that is, bitter sweet).Xinhui folk have a story: where you can see the tea keng village xiong (pronounced Ni “ni”) sub-tower, the xinhui oranges are particularly sweet and aged the most authentic.It is said in the countryside that the history of chaceng village is the planting history of Xinhui “Chacheng orange”. The best planting area of Xinhui orange is bounded by the standing Xiong Zi pagoda which can be seen with the naked eye.Therefore, “Tea keng Xiong Zi pagoda” has become the landmark of Xinhui Tangpi.Not far from Chaceng village is Tianma Village. If you are familiar with Tianma Village, you are probably familiar with “the paradise of birds”. The idiom “endless eyes” first appeared in Chinese textbooks in Ba Jin’s “The Paradise of Birds”, which is located in the River of Tianma Village under the shadow of xiong Zi Pagoda.Therefore, Tianma and Chakeng villages in Xinhui are known as the core production areas of genuine Xinhui tangerine peel.Xinhui has a history of planting guogan for thousands of years, and processing tangerine peel for more than 700 years. Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty designated Xinhui tangerine peel as a tribute and made it a royal “tribute drink” with the same origin of medicine and food.For hundreds of years, authentic xinhui tangerine peel is still the best to be dried in the sun on the street, just as the so-called “herbal simple system”.With the rapid development of tangerine peel industry in Xinhui, Guangdong, the brand of tangerine peel has become a trend.Yue Chentang is a focus on the traditional ancient method of sun dried tangerine peel research and marketing brand.Guangdong Chen Tang to “comfort Chen skin, plus cantonese Chen Tang” as brand positioning, adhere to the “new will take skin, sun drying, natural aging, real date” the good faith management idea, John meticulously JiaGang states, tea pit Xiong Zi tower, a paradise of birds, gong drinks, medica park system, full and so on six big series of products, with independent intellectual property rights of guangdong Chen Tang packaging storage of dried tangerine or orange peel,And in the tangerine peel industry, the first proposed within three months after the purchase of taste is not satisfied, can be unconditionally returned, so as to realize the brand vision of Yue Chentang “as the ancient method of sundried tangerine peel name card brand”.