Prison guard jobs to expand in 2022Older employees say why

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In 2021, 5.37 million people will apply for the national civil service exam, up 4.6 percent from last year.Although the total number of civil servants registered so much, but not all posts are so hot.There is such a “bipolar” phenomenon in civil servant recruitment, some posts enter oneself for an examination hot crowded broken head, some posts but few people sign up, sign up is equal to shore.This is because some positions are affected by the nature of the position and the location, so few students choose to apply for them.For example, today we are going to learn about the post of “prison guard”. Many students successfully come ashore every year, but more employees resign every year, resulting in a large number of vacancies in this post.Students who know about the national civil Service examination know that most of the positions in the civil service examination are only for students with a bachelor’s degree or above, but the prison police position is different, and junior college students are also allowed to apply.Because the gap of this post is relatively large, there are still people leaving every year, and the unpopular post needs more talents.Because it is a relatively rare position, the recruitment requirements of prison guards are not high. In the management offices of some provinces and cities, as long as the height is over 165, the age is less than 32, and the educational background is above the professional level, you can have the opportunity to apply for the examination.Moreover, in order to attract more students and recruit more talents, the salary and welfare benefits of prison guards are considerable.It is understood that the annual salary of the prison guards is very high, plus the year-end bonus, the annual salary can get hundreds of thousands of.At present, the monthly salary of official prison guards in Anhui can reach 15000 yuan, while in Jiangsu, it can even reach 25000 yuan. The annual salary of several hundred thousand yuan is not empty talk.And prison guards also have very perfect welfare treatment, in addition to high social security, there are very rich working meals.As a member of the civil service, prison guards also have perfect subsidies and allowances, which guarantee their spare time and solve their economic problems.However is such a considerable salary, generous treatment of the post, every year will encounter a shortage of people, this is why?Long-time employees also offer reasons for this.On-the-job older workers say the real reason, post advantages more than disadvantages too obvious to enter oneself for an examination of people a year many, who resigned more guards jobs, though less popular, because of the “dark side” to come into contact with the society, but the number of students in each year to enter oneself for an examination and many, although there is no hot post competitive, but definitely not go unattended to.But there is still a huge shortage of prison officers because more people quit their jobs each year.After all, the working environment of the prison guard post is different from that of most posts, and the psychological pressure will be relatively high when working in this kind of post.After all, prison guards need a certain dignity, if there is no certain deterrence, it is difficult to do this job.One prison officer who resigned said he could not bear the working conditions of prison guards and sometimes could not go home for two or three months.I can’t touch my mobile phone most of the time at work, and being serious is a common way of working. When I worked for several years, I felt depressed most of all, and finally I could not bear it so I chose to resign.If you want to apply for the post of prison officer, what should you know first?Is psychological bearing ability strong?Different from other posts, prison guards often see the dark corners of society and the dark side of human nature. To work in this post for a long time, they need strong psychological tolerance.If the student’s psychological endurance is not very strong, it is not recommended to register for this post.It is acceptable to be unable to go home for a long time. Usually, prison guards work in shifts, usually two days off for two days, or two days off for three days, and three days off for two days. The specific scheduling should be arranged according to the actual situation of the unit.Moreover, prison guards are generally in remote areas, closed working environment, not rest can go home, it is impossible to go home every day.It’s not unusual for prison officers to work night shifts, and it’s not uncommon for their schedules to be reversed.Long-term such work and rest is bound to be very hard, the hard work here is not only physical hard, more is spiritual, psychological pressure, which students must pay attention to before registering.The salary of the prison guard position is good, but the working environment is remote and the work content is relatively boring. Students who want to apply for the exam should consider comprehensively, and do not think that they are not suitable for them after passing the exam, which is also a waste of time.But after all, the prison guard is a job within the system, the work is more decent, but also has a certain social status, coupled with a better salary, is also suitable for students who want to take the examination of the system.However, the responsibility of the prison guard is very important, which requires certain physical test and political review, etc., which students need to understand in advance.Topic of the day: Are you interested in working as a prison guard?