Parents, unable to buy the “Bing Dwen Dwen”, decided to have one of their own, which was met with ridicule in the comments section

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For students, they all like beautiful things, and they must get what they like, but not everything will be as you wish.For example, in the recent Winter Olympics, the mascot “Ice Dwen Dwen” became popular, but because it was too much, it was “hard to find a trick”.Students had to create their own “Bing Dwen Dwen” font, which became popular among netizens when it emerged.When bing Dwen Dwen became popular, it got a lot of attention and many students began to imitate it.When you first look at one of the characters, the new font might seem sloppy, but when you put them all together, it suddenly looks cute and cuddly, just like the winter Olympics mascot bing Dwen Dwen.Although this font is more pleasing, but the teacher said that “Bing Dwen dwen” font in the exam, the teacher will not score high.Now is the computer marking, when the computer in the process of marking, is very likely to regard this font as “two-dimensional code”.02 parents because you can’t buy “ice mound mound”, decided to have a, the comments section is a speech sound in addition to his own “ice mound mound” font, and want to have a “ice mound mound”, parents in some provinces of shandong, because many times not to buy “ice mound mound”, so I decided to give himself ready to be born children called “wang bing mound mound”.But when the mother posted the proof online, it was met with a flurry of ridicule in the comments section, with netizens teasing her for riding the wave of “Bing Dwen Dwen”.Others thought it was a photoshopped image by the mother in order to make her child an Internet celebrity.Although the name “Wang Bing Dwen Dwen” may sound cute at a young age, it can cause problems for children when they go to school.03 students “strange name”, “Qin Niu Zhengwei” era approaching when the name, it is inevitable will be the same name, in the first two years of the name survey, found that called “zi Xuan”, “Zixuan”, “Hao Ran” students are very many.In the past two years, the era of “Qin Niu Zhengwei” has officially arrived. Parents are no longer keen on giving students the name of idol drama, but keen on the name of four words.”Cheng Men Lixue”, “Snow White” and other names let people listen to laugh, it seems that parents must be very fond of drama, or like fairy tales.But you don’t know how weird names can make students feel ostracized when they go to school. Teachers don’t want to call out their names in class.The name is so random that it will cause the whole class to burst into laughter when some students are called strange names, which makes it impossible to concentrate in class. Therefore, the teacher simply does not call the students strange names.04 “person” as the name implies, the parents for the student name several matters need attention to avoid the homophonic terrier “homophonic terrier” is one of the most often appear, such as “Du Ziteng” homophonic “stomach”, the child make the name itself is no problem, but with the name “du” match together, you will find everything is so harmonious.So parents must pay attention to homophonic stem, do not make a joke, otherwise it will cause trouble to students.Exams can be a pain in the neck, and if you write your name too many strokes, it will take up time.There are also teachers in the roll call because they do not know, and directly give up the name of the student, will delay to the student’s academic performance, so parents try not to use rare characters.Name for students is very important “name card”, once the name will follow you for life, easy words can not be changed.When you go to school, the teacher is to use the name to match, if it is the same name or homonym, it will certainly have a very bad effect on the students.Therefore, parents need to pay attention to the name of students, otherwise because of trouble on a random name, this is irresponsible to students, will blame you when you grow up.Take a hint: Ice Dadden is cute, but as an adult you need to learn to control yourself and not do things just because you like them.Particularly as a parent, should be in the interests of students, the education the problem in the first, set a good example for your child, develop their good study habits, have expectation for students is very normal, but please reduce expectations, let the students to decide their own future, that is what they really want.Parents just need to find the right way of education, be a conscientious parent, students will have a better future.Topic of the day: Would you choose to have a baby of your own because you couldn’t buy bingdwen Dwen?