Why did goodbye Sweetheart move so many people?Teacher Shen Yifei gives the answer

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For more, follow the sittchat show Goodbye Sweetheart, which went viral last year.Mentioned up to now, still can let a person tut praise.As a member of the program observation team, Fudan University associate Professor Shen Yifei and her wife, lawyer Shang Jiangang, explained goodbye Lover in the podcast for the first time. Why did it move so many people?Business teacher thought: whether love or family, in fact, is a knowledge.The so-called knowledge has its theory and practice.Marriage is a combination of theory and practice.A, the observation room “urging more group” atmosphere, it is easy to make people have empathy Teacher Shen said, she admired Sun Yi, Guo Caijie, Weijia, Thousand zhe, and Hu Yanbin.They are particularly capable of empathy.Because oneself and Huang Zhizhong, belong to the professional emotion scholar, see the marriage story of six guests, really can not cry, because their problems are conventional.And d guests they, see the emotions, are crying to stop, no way, can only pause, wait for them to cry after recording.In the eyes of The teacher Shen, Vega is a very responsible, very true temperament of the host, from his cohesion, very accurate, very appropriate, through his threading, very easy to cause other people’s resonance and empathy.Hu Yanbin has a very high eq, strong insight, sharp views, unique perspective, and skillful expression.Sun Yi and Guo Caijie, are two particularly lovely girls, representing women’s tenderness and kindness.Chun Cheol, a young boy, represents the young male character.The whole show is about holding a mirror up to everyone.It is not right or wrong, but let everyone see more aspects of themselves, when their outlook on life, values are presented, can more clearly recognize their own.The excellent production team is the strongest guarantee of the program. Teacher Shen said that this is a very large team, about 200 people.Everyone is very dedicated, often working in the evening, and the division of labor is orderly, orderly.The whole team is young with strong execution.We have the most videographers.Zhu yaqiong, for example, sometimes goes her own way and isn’t quite in step with the whole thing.When she wants to walk on the path, she suddenly runs away and so on. At this time, the photographer needs to run with her in time with the camera on her shoulder, otherwise, the shot missed by the guest will not be taken.Thanks to such a dedicated production team, such excellent programs can be produced.Teacher Shen said, “Goodbye lover”, from the program design, to planning, to the final recording, the most core person, is Liu Le.”People are the most interesting and complicated,” Liu said. “Only with as open an attitude as possible can we dig into the iceberg beneath the water.”In variety shows, authenticity is the most important thing!”Life is not always glamorous, so don’t create an illusion.”Indeed, when there is light in the eyes and love in the heart, what is offered to the audience must be a fleshy, plump and touching program.Shen’s husband shang, a lawyer, said: “The depth of the program is because of its academic connotation. It makes the audience feel that after seeing the reality of the marriage of the guests, they can compare their own families or those around them and find a way to change the problem. This is the reason why the program is recognized by netizens.Shen teacher said, because the program has down-to-earth real, so it has depth.Shen stressed that there is no script for the whole show, but there will be a scene design by the scriptwriter.The director, on the other hand, is in charge.For example, the design of the travel route is from the cold northern Xinjiang to the warm southern Xinjiang, hoping that the emotional relationship of the guests can move from the cold to the warm.I also hope that everyone’s heart, from complaining to reconciliation.The writers will talk to the guests ahead of time. What do you think?What are your regrets?When they understand the needs of the characters, the characteristics of each person, personality clear, finally can describe the growth trajectory of the characters.Like Guo Keyu and Zhang He, from the beginning of the awkward meeting to the final embrace reconciliation;Like Tong Chenjie and KK, from the beginning of the fight to the final hand in hand;Like Zhu Yaqiong and Wang Qiuyu, from the beginning of the complaints to the final relief of all this, are carefully designed by the scriptwriting.It is because of their understanding and grasp of the guests that they present the joys and sorrows to the audience.In the end, when all six guests were more or less commented on by netizens, especially KK and Wang Qiuyu, Shen said she still felt distressed.Professor Shen Yifei believes: As a bystander, there is no way to know the real situation of their life, because you are not involved in it, their pain and pleasure, you do not know.Therefore, don’t jump to conclusions easily. We should respect their choice and believe in their main identity.Like Tong Chenjie and KK again hand in hand, they must have let each other worth to choose the reason.Guo Keyu and Zhang He did not get back together;The final divorce of Zhu Yaqiong and Wang Qiuyu must have their own considerations, and we should trust their choice.The business teacher thought: the growth of marriage, not divorce can be solved!But what is the problem behind the problem?Now the advice on the network, is a habit, even a trend.He said, it’s not rational, it’s not kind!Admittedly, marriage is not as bad as it seems, it is a neutral thing.It is a formal commitment mechanism for love, but at the same time in law, it is also a community of responsibility and economic community, good and bad, are managed.It is said that happy families are alike. In fact, unhappy families are alike.”Goodbye lover” : Zhang He, KK, Wang Qiuyu, all the way running, their career peak Guo Keyu, Tong Chenjie, Zhu Yaqiong three women, all the way singing, singing their journey of the world of mortals