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The Pyramid on top of the Mountain is an autobiographical novel created by fu Xingwen, a young publisher.I am familiar with the process of writing this novel, which took fifteen years to complete, and we had several conversations about it before it was finished.He breaks off several times choking up as he narrates the main plot of the book.Three years ago, one night in the suburbs of Beijing, Xing Wen and I talked all night long again.There was no such thing as the Pyramid at the Top of the Hill.He told of the emotional throbbing of his youth, the difficult experience of drifting to The North, and his feelings for the girl he liked for a decade or two when he was at school.I was nearly ten years older than him, and to tell the truth his story did not stir me, neither earth-shattering nor violent.So he spoke with devotion, and I listened with indifference.At that time, Xing Wen asked me how to write the story.My advice: don’t be afraid to write openly and honestly, don’t be afraid to reveal your heart, don’t be afraid to put your private thoughts out there, in short, “poke where it hurts.”Later reading, I think he did it, is the protagonist of love, there is no substantive action but still have to read “Titanic” feeling, is not it wrote a love, it just wrote a man (or called the boy, and male students), but for it is man’s psychological confession and anatomy, is straightforward, bold,It describes the purity and magnanimity of the young male heart, in which the elements of self-abasement and rhapsody may be attributed to the former.After reading the author’s final draft of The Pyramid on the Top of the Mountain all night, I sent xing Wen a message on wechat, “A pure young man had a long and distant dream, full of sadness and sorrow like Victor, and romantic and wistful like Gatsby.His heart is like a small monument, but it is engraved with proverbs about love;His thoughts were like the stars in the night sky, with their flickering but eternal brilliance;His life and his life are like a reed in the wind, weak and tough.”I wrote this because the novel got me thinking about two things.The first is the choice of perspective of love novels.In the eyes of generations of readers, the majority of Chinese love novels written by male writers are written from a male perspective. Even works such as Romance of the Western Chamber and A Dream of Red Mansions, which show the equality and beauty of women, are also classic models of interpreting women from a male perspective.In modern novels, even the works of female writers such as Zhang Ailing and Xiao Hong can be read from a female perspective, but the life value and meaning of their female characters are still bound to the “male standard” concept.There is no doubt that jin Yong’s swordsmen and Qiong Yao’s love in the contemporary popular novels are the male position to complete the role gender shaping.As a male writer, this novel avoids the male perspective as much as possible in terms of the standing problem, and reflects or even confesses more from the psychological level — what is there for a young man to reflect and confess when he misses a young woman?But because of this, the novel writes about the innocence of an era.To some extent, it is more than the retelling of the love story.This brings us to the second problem — the appearance of romance novels in The Times.In addition to innocence, “Pyramid on top of the Mountain” conveys the real appearance of The Times, including shyness, poetry, promise, waiting, waiting and other key words.In fact, under the background of the novel, these keywords have long been impacted by multiple concepts, and their exterior and core have begun to fade, just like the title of the book. Although it is still faintly glowing, it has become a pyramid on the top of the mountain that can only be seen from afar.Therefore, reading this story, I am sometimes moved by the truth of the hero and heroine, but sometimes I am moved by the scenery of their time, even though that time is already the twilight of the age of innocence.After reading The Pyramid on The Mountaintop, ye Xin, a famous writer, said, “There are thousands of stories about first love, and this book is characterized by an innovative approach that makes readers feel hope and confusion coexist, confidence and cowardly struggle.”Although the sentence is short, it is very close to the temperament and core of the novel. “Hope and confusion coexist, confidence and cowardice struggle.” This is not only the inner truth of the novel and the author, but also the inner scene of many people who have come through the age of innocence.Editor: Xia Ningzhu second Instance: Liu Qiang third instance: Yan Hui