A woman who can’t be scolded, who lives in a high-class drama

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Miss Xiang said, “Good Spring Festival, everyone.”This is my second Chinese New Year in Beijing, and compared to last year, this year is definitely a little more orderly.Last year, for example, I planned to watch seven suspense movies with high scores, but I finally watched half of them, because it was unrealistic for me to spend my mind watching movies every day. In the end, I was more interested in watching mindless movies and TV dramas.This year, I have identified from the beginning how comfortable how to live, so turned out the ancient Korean drama “Mermaid”, stay up late to watch, eat to watch, sometimes double speed sometimes ten minutes to watch an episode…A holiday past, I watched nearly 200 episodes…The first time I saw “Mermaid lady” was in the CCTV 8 overseas theater, watched with grandma, mandarin dubbing version, thought the heroine was miserable, the mistress deserved it.I watched the show again this year, and suddenly I found that the mistress in the show is also quite endearing…There is no doubt that Little Mermaid is a bloody drama.I give a brief introduction of the plot to friends who have not seen it, a few hundred words can also convey the weight of this ancient drama.Actress Ya Liying, in South Korea very red scriptwriter, but her life is extremely tragic.Ben grew up in a perfect family of three. As a result, his father fell in love with shen Xiuzhen, a popular female star, and abandoned his wife to get married. After marriage, he gave birth to a daughter named Rui Ying.Her father certainly lived a happy life, but Ya Liying and her mother’s life was very difficult.The mother was pregnant at that time and cried every day, resulting in the birth of a child with autism. Unfortunately, she died at the age of 11, and the mother was blinded by crying.So Ya Liying has been outstanding since childhood, working to earn money when going to school, and then became a first-line scriptwriter.Ya Liying when scriptwriter wrote a TV drama called “the joy of love”, the heroine’s prototype is her mother, and then named Shen Xiuzhen to play, is that year and her father good on that female star.Ya Liying’s intention is clear, hoping That Shen xiuzhen can feel how difficult her mother has been these years.At the same time Ya Liying began to approach a man called Zhu Wang, who is this person, Shen Xiuzhen’s future son-in-law.In a nutshell, you stole my mother’s man, and now I steal your daughter’s man, and neither of us can be better.Just……It’s really crazy about this plot.But, you know, you don’t make fun of it at all, because it’s pretty advanced.Shen xiuzhen and her daughter Rui Ying, who grew up in a honeypot, are naturally unlikable people, but they are not reduced to malicious tools for no reason.Let’s start with Shen Xiuzhen.Shen Xiuzhen belongs to top female star, very expensive gas, wear different big diamond ring on the hand every day, but at the same time can obviously see, this person can not lift gas.Can you see what I mean? It’s all good looking, but there’s no upward growth.See behind will understand, although the mansion lives, a lot of money to earn, husband and daughter are around, but Shen Xiuzhen has been identified as a “bad guy”, that is to do something wrong to have now happy life.When Shen Xiuzhen got ya Liying wrote the script, think of their own year to do wrong, the first reaction is not to play, to a hundred million also do not play, because of guilt.Of course, Shen Xiuzhen ended up playing the play, which went round and round a few times, so I won’t go into it.Shen Xiuzhen played this play is naturally very worried, sometimes have nightmares, dream of Ya Liying mother in the shooting scene to see her shooting.Later this drama set a record ratings, they congratulated Shen Xiuzhen, but she could not be happy, but more and more guilty.Once when she went to eat cold noodles, all the customers in the shop were discussing the drama and saying that Shen xiuzhen played such a miserable role. She could not eat a bite after hearing these comments, because she knew very well that she was the cause of the “heroine” ‘s misery.However, Shen xiuzhen is not a completely well-meaning character.For example, her first meeting with Elegant Li ying will feel the other side has ulterior motives, and when she learned elegant Li ying robbed her daughter fiance, her immediate reaction is anxious to make dead Elegant Li ying.In fact, it makes sense that if Shen Xiuzhen had enough goodwill, she would not have chosen to intervene in other people’s families.Despite the so-called moral standards, I don’t hate the character Of Shen Xiuzhen.The ambivalence of being human about her is beautiful.A popular female star in Asia who has a relationship with a married man and is willing to give up her career and ruin her reputation to get married for a man knows she is doing wrong, but she still dives in because human desires are hard to repel with some words or standards.She married a middle-class man and gave birth to her daughter Rui Ying. In order to take care of her daughter, she took a seven-year break from acting and returned to the top with her own charm.The profile also confirms that she is something real, not just an empty vase.She often exhibits a state of flux like a pendulum clock.Such as know ya li ying took her daughter’s fiance, spirit to drive run to the ya li ying apartment want to death, but when she see ya li ying mom become blind, fifty state is like the old hobbled, the moment she still thinks he is a sinner, crying for ya li ying mother said: I do something wrong, I deserve to hell, but…My daughter is innocent. Please please.In my opinion, Korean dramas 20 years ago depicted a third party, which was very advanced. The scriptwriters did not write about the evil and evil of the mistress, but the sense of contradiction in the mistress.Pure bad guys are too boring, and there’s almost no difficulty in the kind of characters that are so obvious that the audience is angry with them.Shen Xiuzhen, a third party who plays “contradiction” every moment, can make the audience want to scold with a hint of emotion, and finally turn a sentence of a joke into a “ah”.This process, can say a few minutes of human love.The second logical and endearingly obvious thing about Shen is that she doesn’t deny anyone their good qualities.In Shen Xiuzhen has not learned that Ya Liying is the daughter of her husband’s ex-wife, two people are not to deal with, because Ya Liying wanted to vent for her mother, Shen Xiuzhen felt he was a top female star with what to endure a screenwriter’s crazy words.How far can two people go against each other?They almost started fighting in front of everyone.Later Shen Xiuzhen learned that Ya Liying’s life history, she bit her teeth and sighed: although she is only 29 years old, must be to eat a lot of bitter to mix now this malicious role.This part of the play I went back to see again, Shen Xiuzhen tone of course is not happy, but very strange is that she this short sentence also contains admiration.Her daughter Rui Ying, grew up in a mansion, did not suffer, so Shen Xiuzhen can clearly distinguish, Ya Liying is a person who has lived a bitter life, but so bitter have come over, must have two brushes.Even if the relationship between the daughter of the original couple and the third party, there is a “respect” this kind of emotional flow between them.Later, Ya Liying’s marriage also had problems. She wanted to support her daughter, so she chose to rewrite the script. Shen xiuzhen told her, “You leave your child to me, and this time you must succeed!”Oh, my God, I see tears in my eyes, because there are women helping each other in a drama.Think carefully, will find That Shen Xiuzhen said this sentence is reasonable, because she is a strong field, is the top female star who can stand on the peak after getting married and having children, we can make fun of her to do the third party is wrong, but her achievements in the entertainment circle is to rely on their own step by step to lay down.So she is not narrow-minded at heart and understands how important career is to a woman.No one is more suitable than Shen Xiuzhen to advise Ya Liying to revive the cause, in this respect, Shen Xiuzhen and Ya Liying these two lines intersect.Watching “Mermaid Lady” again, while lamenting the dog blood while lamenting the characters are too well written, just shen Xiuzhen this role is good enough, that kind of let the audience love and hate the feeling, want to ridicule and put down the sense of ridicule, is really a kind of pleasure after the drama.By contrast, some “third parties” are portrayed as too childish, like a vacuumed person who is simply bad or simply deserves it.I feel that maybe when the screenwriter writes these third parties, he subconsciously puts them in the position of “bad guys”. If it is a female third party, it is an absolute bad guy and should stand firmly in the opposite of the heroine.What is the starting point of sim su-jin’s portrayal?I think it might be “human”, so she has the desire to be human, anger, selfishness, happiness, kindness…However, it was only two decades ago that such a full-fledged character appeared.