Sa Beining returns to CCTV Spring Festival Gala after seven years!Call the familiar and the strange, don’t suck ketchup from lunch boxes

2022-04-26 0 By

A video of sa Beining and Nig Maitti’s preparations for the much-anticipated Spring Festival Gala, which will begin on Jan 31, has been posted on CCTV’s social media account CCTV.In the video, Sa Beining and Nigmaiti are sitting in a dressing room. They are not wearing makeup and there are no makeup items on the table, which shows that it was taken earlier today.I saw Sa Beining has done a haircut, wearing a red sweater, the skin is slightly black, lips look a little ruddy feeling, but energetic, especially active thinking.Different from the tense preparations for the Spring Festival Gala, Sa Beining and Nygmaitti were very relaxed and joked with reporters.Because just to rice point, and Sa Beining took a bag of tomato sauce to eat with relish, the reporter asked Sa Beining this is dinner?Sa Beining also nods deliberately, answer a way: ah!One face jokingly looks to niggmaitti, in order to show oneself hungry, also specially picks up the charge treasure to pretend to chew up, the reporter also calls directly: the net friend will be distressed.But Spring Festival gala such a grand party will not be ill-treated actors, Sa Beining later explained that the logistics arrangement is very good, then pointed to the table of two big lunch boxes, did not expect in the Spring Festival Gala backstage, Sa Beining can also maintain a relaxed attitude and reporters joke, it shows his super strength.In addition, this Spring Festival Gala, is Sa Beining after seven years to return to the Spring Festival Gala stage, the reporter asked Sa Beining: excited to return again?And Sa Beining replied: not excited, but that kind of familiar strangeness, and many years ago, compared with the Spring Festival Gala and a lot of innovation, a few words all sa Beining for hosting the Spring Festival Gala sentiment.In fact, CCTV host Wang Ning once said that the level of CCTV hosts are very severe, they pay attention to a “tight inside and loose outside”, that is, the surface looks relaxed, but the heart maintains a high degree of tension, so that the attention is highly focused, do not let yourself make mistakes.It can be seen that in the interesting spring evening, such excellent hosts as Sa Beining, are with how great efforts to provide the audience with a wonderful Spring Festival gala, we are really moved.I believe that with the efforts of such a large number of actors and staff behind the scenes, this year’s Spring Festival Gala will be wonderful, so do you look forward to it?