A takeaway boy has been sentenced to three years and two months for taking revenge on a female homeowner over a “bad review”

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A few days ago, a young man surnamed Zheng was sentenced to three years and two months in prison and fined 5,000 yuan by the Longgang District Court in Shenzhen, China, for taking revenge on the female owner of the house because he received bad reviews.When many netizens saw the result, they said: “The sentence is still too light.”What the hell is going on here?Zheng mou comes from Hunan province, was born in October 1999, is the youngest in the family, so from childhood to childhood parents love him, the child does not like to study, 18 years old after the adult with his brother to work in other places.Although he was a poor student, his family remembered him as a gentle man who never quarreled with others.Just after the Spring Festival last year, he told his brother that he wanted to look for opportunities in Shenzhen.Later the family found out that he had become a horseman there.But the work is not going well, not long time, Zheng out of a traffic accident, fortunately, people are ok.Just as his family breathed a sigh of relief, the seemingly peaceful man was suddenly arrested by police.What the hell is wrong with a delivery boy?According to Jeong, one day in June last year, he delayed delivering food to a female customer, which made him very unhappy. He not only said he would give him a bad review, but also behaved badly and arrogantly.Thinking that a bad review would affect his performance, Jeong was so angry that he decided to retaliate against her.On the evening of June 28, he came to the woman’s door again on an excuse to deliver food, knocked on the door and asked if she had ordered food.When he heard the woman shaking her head, he left.If the incident had ended there, Jeong and his female client would have been fine, but he ended up in jail.When she opened the door, he covered her mouth and demanded that she compensate him for his loss.What loss?Jeong felt that his salary would be affected if he got a bad review, so he asked the girl to give him 3,000 yuan for mental damage on the grounds that his father was ill.Of course, his main purpose was to get money, and he did not hurt each other. During the standoff between the two, Jeong suddenly realized that he had done wrong and left.A few hours later, the police arrested him.The victim did not agree with Jeong’s statement.According to her statements to the press, it seems otherwise.For the sake of narrative, let’s just call the victim Al.She said she was upset about the slow delivery, but when Jeong arrived, she said thank you and closed the door.A week later, ai, who was at home alone, heard a knock on the door and opened it to see zheng, who was wearing a hat and mask, coming to deliver food. When Ai said he did not order food, the little brother also looked into the house several times before leaving.The second knock on the door, xiao Ai out of vigilance only opened a crack, the result of the other party broke into the door, her glasses on the spot was knocked off, blurred vision, only feel the other party tightly control her body with both hands, and then open mouth is to ask for money.Later two people after a stalemate, Zheng just dejected to leave.Ai immediately locked the door and called the police.In the final analysis, although xiao Ai said to give Zheng a bad review, actually did not act.For Jeong s behavior, she could not understand, so the court held Jeong responsible for robbery and gave relevant sentencing and punishment.Judgment, the judge’s words thought-provoking, a lot of people will commit crimes, often the cause is just a small conflict, can not control their emotions to cause irreparable consequences.The judge hopes that Zheng will come out later to be more calm and do a law-abiding good citizen.Jeong’s family is heartbroken, but Internet users have different opinions about his fate.Someone said, is not worth sympathy for the sufferings of jeong, burglary behavior is serious, three years in prison is a lenient sentence, others believe that jeong behavior is very bad, think of a single woman is lying to open the door, the result suffered such misfortune, I’m afraid the psychological shadow, for a long time.What do you think?A food delivery worker was sentenced to 3 years and 2 months for robbery after entering the house and demanding 3,000 yuan for “loss” because of his “bad verbal comments”