Annabel analysis

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The story begins with a kind-hearted old man turning his big country into a small orphanage. Accompanied by nuns, a group of orphans settle in the big country and begin to experience an unusual and wonderful life. Soon everyone is assigned to a room, and the main character, Janice, has polio and cannot move.Only by the wheelchair, strange things are attached is her first, they stay in the bed, on the door has a more naughty children into a piece of paper, and then Janice joined the games, pursue note clues, before going to the kind old man told them, don’t touch the locked room, but the room automatically unlocked, Janice’s face was full of panic.But her body is very honest, she opened the door of the room, is a spare room, children room in decorate is always someone living in it, but no one has, the room has a model of individual wild, oddly, Janice stepped forward and found the room have a trap door model, the key to the secret door in the model, then Janice keys according to the route to the front of the dark.Open the secret door, as a result, Janice see sitting inside a cute puppet doll, lovely doll thought to play hide and seek, and then stood up and walked toward the Janice, but be popping out but what also have no, Janice later appeared in an orphanage, adopted by a couple, Janice also changed name, called his annabel,The couple also gave Janice a cute doll on the spot. The doll was the evil spirit doll that produced the supernatural events. At the end of the movie, Janice grew up and killed her adoptive parents one night with her cult boyfriend.