Do you still remember the little colored flags circling in the Spring Festival Gala?She’s in a play?

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Editor: Distribution man Hello, little oranges!Do you still remember the girl who walked alone for more than four hours in the Spring Festival Gala?She made a splash in the Spring Festival Gala by turning in circles.Feng Xiaogang, the general director of the Spring Festival Gala, was worried that the little colorful flag could not stick to it, so he proposed to turn for two hours and then have a rest. But in the end, the little colorful flag directly turned for more than four hours, even though there was no shot for her, she still kept turning.The stage one minute, the stage ten years.The ability to rotate continuously for four hours shows the strength of the basic dance skills.Many viewers may be wondering, who is this little girl?Why is it so bad?But you won’t be surprised if Orange says that little Colorful Flag is the niece of famous dancer Yang Liping.Small bunting grew up just with beside aunt Yang liping, accept the harsh dance training, at the age of 4 small flags with Yang liping in large-scale song and dance drama “the impression of yunnan” ▼ ten little flags have followed aunt Yang liping started the national tour, cooperation and pas DE deux “illusion” ▼ play a moving figure everyone to feel the orange ▼ in addition to the amazing dance talent,It is not without the efforts of small flags themselves.I had a fever of 40 degrees, but I Still Went on stage to perform: My hand was injured in an accident, got four stitches, And HELD up my injured hand to finish the whole performanceLater, however, xiaocaiqi gave up dancing from primary school to college, chose acting as a career and joined The Tang Dynasty Film and Television.”I don’t want to be a second Yang Liping,” said Xiao Caiqi in an interview.After that, She starred in her first horror movie, The Horror thriller “The Horror Idol.” Although the movie didn’t get a good review, her co-stars gave her praise.There are a series of TV dramas, “Green Hill fox legend”, she is lively and lovely fox female ▼ Orange is that the small flags in the play performance is quite natural, quaint lovely is not greasy.”Xianjian Cloud where”, she is nuwa posterity small man ▼ but are small roles, and did not let the audience recognize her acting, the response is flat, but this is more determined to learn to perform small flags.In 2018, Xiaocaiqi will go abroad for further study in acting and come back after graduation in 2021.Small flags give up dancing, failed to live up to the cultivation of Yang liping, the outside world and all small flags and a breakdown in his relationship with Yang liping, responded to the interview after Yang liping also ▼ said: everyone is misunderstood, she and small bunting and there is no misunderstanding, small bunting is one of the children in her eyes, her respect the wishes of the children themselves, if she prefers to show, let herself go to development.Xiaocaiqi also posted a photo of herself and her aunt Yang Liping on social media to dispel rumors of discord.Silent over the years in the entertainment industry can’t see the figure of little flags, once again saw she was in before the heat high performances, the actors are in place, please ▼ small bunting chose the classic idol drama “prank kiss” as their own appearance, although appeared at the time the audience of ridicule hot eyes kiss “drawing” ▼ but little flags also hasn’t affected,Put your heart and soul into the performance and keep your eyes fixed.Even Teacher Li Chengru, who always said “like a lump in one’s throat, on pins and needles”, affirmed xiaocaiqi’s acting ability.(But Li Chengru teacher so directly said slime orange is really unexpected…)Zhao Wei and Er Dongsheng directors also expressed their approval: I believe that “Actors please be in place” will be a new starting point on the road of xiaocaiqi acting, I hope xiaoCaiqi can continue to adhere to the heart of the love of acting, acting in this road further and further, Orange is also looking forward to the future can see xiaoCaiqi more excellent works.Sister go on!Which other Spring Festival Gala stars do you want to see?(Copyright orange Entertainment. All rights reserved.