Safe guard | lushi county public security bureau in chengguan police station continued to carry out the campaign

2022-04-27 0 By

To improve jurisdiction the anti cheat fraud prevention consciousness of the masses, to curb telecom network fraud cases multiple during Spring Festival, to protect people’s property security, for days, chengguan lushi county public security bureau police station according to the first work deployment, intensify propaganda, omni-directional telecoms networks to prevent fraud propaganda activities, to protect the masses “purse”.The police use the Spring Festival time node, firmly seize the students have a holiday, migrant workers go home during the Spring Festival and other personnel flow rules, in-depth community, commercial streets and other places to carry out extensive publicity, the scene to explain the case, answer questions and other forms of confusion, explain the characteristics, types and rules of telecom network fraud cases in recent years.At the same time to create a good anti-fraud propaganda atmosphere, in addition to the offline non-stop propaganda, chengguan police station also through the community wechat group to carry out online propaganda, timely release of common cases of telecom fraud, prevention skills and other anti-fraud knowledge, improve the prevention ability of the masses, to further expand the coverage and awareness rate of publicity.Resolutely do anti-fraud propaganda comprehensive coverage, leaving no dead spots, really do the electric fraud “firewall” stationed in the hearts of the masses.