A cycle of national football!No more talk of qualifying through World Cup expansion?Why is that?

2022-04-28 0 By

Why is it no longer discussed in China to qualify through World Cup expansion?Because the last FIG leaf has been torn off, can no longer deceive oneself!Just like a poor student, it is necessary to discuss the expansion of the entrance examination into Tsinghua university and Peking University?When you are in an ordinary school and your score is beaten by other poor students, do you still dream about entering Tsinghua university and Peking University?Even if Tsinghua and Peking universities expand the enrollment scale and increase tens of thousands of students a year, can they get students with poor grades to YY?Similarly, when there are only 16 places in the World Cup, the National football Team will not enter the World Cup, but at least it is “only one step away”. Grit your teeth and there is a glimmer of hope.Sure enough, waiting for the Expansion of the World Cup to the top 32, seizing the opportunity of the Joint hosting of the World Cup by South Korea and Japan, the National football team did run to the World Cup tournament, although it was beaten by Brazil, Turkey and Costa Rica, but also much better than now.After?After several World Cup qualifiers, the National football team can not even reach the Top ten or top 12 of the Asian region, expansion or not, is no longer important.Of course, football media to eat, need “national football” two words to pull the flow, so continue to YY World Cup expansion and national football team can enter the match.Anyway, these guys are amateurs of everything, except probability.They calculated the probability of the National football team to a very accurate degree, their football level is very low, the level of mathematics is very high, as they are the ancestors of the average, also can not change the outcome of repeatedly being beaten in the face by the National football team.The National football team in the World Cup qualifier Asian area 12 strong match kick into what?You can not compete with Japan and Australia these Asian strong teams also calculate, even then the weak Vietnam team, can lift the National football team, let alone the World Cup expansion to what extent (from 32 teams to 48 teams), even if the World Cup is also 10 places in Asia, and can have the National football team what matter?Is it necessary to discuss the relationship between the expansion of the World Cup and the entry of the National football team?There is no need to!However, when it comes to the next World Cup, the football media will still be talking about it, which is a kind of cycle in Chinese football.What do you think about that?