Liu Haocun is the peak of his debut, contract for the year’s film, the new work of best actor, best actress

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Zhang’s actresses are often referred to as mou girls, and past mou girls, including Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi, were both hot and powerful.In recent years, Mou Girl has also made great achievements. Zhou Dongyu is famous for her debut film Under the Hawthorn Tree, but her spirit and talent are undeniable.In recent years, liu Haocun has won the title of “Three Golden Best Actress” for her work in films such as “Soul Of Love” and “Young You”. This is also the best result among the actresses who have made films in recent years.Liu’s first film after his debut was Send You a Little Red Flower, which co-starred young actor Yi Yangqianxi, who also earned over 1.5 billion yuan at the box office.Liu Haocun can be said to be the peak of his debut, but we can understand, after all, is an actress with Director Zhang Yimou, it is normal to have such resources, and Liu Haocun is also a more intelligent actor, suitable for the film screen.Zhang Yimou then worked with older actors such as Zhang Yi and Qin Hailu in “On the Cliff”, which made such resources even more enviable.But there are plenty of other resources to envy.In the Spring Festival of the New Year file, there are Liu Haocun and Liu Haoran, Shen Teng and other starring “The Four Seas”, Liu Haoran and Shen Teng such a lineup is very strong, Shen Teng is the first box office break 20 billion male actors, and Liu Haoran is the first after 95 box office break 10 billion male actors, two actors are very acting.And from liu Haocun’s works to be broadcast can be seen, in the following comprehensive time, every important program, Liu Haocun has a movie.First of all, “The Four Seas” released in the Spring Festival, Tanabata when Liu Haocun and Song Weilong co-starred in the youth love film “Remember” will also be online, there is a strong cast of the film “Spirit of dragon and Horse” will be in the next New Year’s Eve and we meet.The cast of the film includes Jackie Chan and Guo Qilin, Jackie Chan is influential in the film circle, especially when he was young, every action movie of Jackie Chan is a classic.Guo Qilin is The son of Guo Degang, and before with the drama “Taonju” also deeply loved and supported by everyone, so Liu Haocun cooperation with the two actors is also a good opportunity.Recently, it is reported that Lau hao-chun’s new movie will also start shooting, this movie will invite actor and actress to play supporting roles, the movie is through the Darkness of Me, and the two actors are expected to co-star are Tony Leung chiu-wai and Kara Wai, two veteran actors.So it seems that Liu Haocun’s resources are really very good, even a “three gold movie queen” Zhou Dongyu are not so good resources, so liu Haocun is expected to sprint next “three gold movie queen”.When Liu haocun started out, she was supported by netizens with her pure and sweet appearance, and she also had some talent in acting.But recently a period of time about its parents amount of black material one after another, so she also caused controversy among netizens, and even many netizens said that they would boycott her, but from the point of view of so far, Liu Haocun’s resources do not seem to be affected too much!