The national football team spread three news: Wang Dalei was abandoned, the Japanese team wants to send points, Wu Lei to find a successor

2022-04-29 0 By

Beijing time on January 27, The National football Team will be in the 12th round of the sixth round of the game, the traditional Asian strong team Against Japan.As for the result of the match, many fans seem not to care too much, after all, it is acknowledged that there is a gap between China’s national football team and its opponents.As a matter of fact, the fans’ requirement for The National football team is very simple. As long as they play the tenacious style of the National football team and dare to “show their swords” to the opponents, even if they lose, I believe the fans will continue to support the National football team.However, just now, the National football team transmitted three news, caused a lot of people’s discussion, we look at what is the three news: the first news is about the recent start of the highly anticipated Wang Dalei.After winning the gold medal with Shandong Taishan, Wang Dalei’s competitive state also reached a peak. With the ups and downs of Yan Junling’s state, many fans suggested that Wang Dalei should replace Yan Junling as the starting goalkeeper of The National football Team.However surprising is, in the national football team training, the front reporter exposure, Wang Dalei did not appear on the training ground, but in the hotel gym alone training, it seems very strange.Many fans think that Wang Dalei or abandoned by Li Xiaopeng, I think there is a certain truth.After all, if Wang Dalei is injured in the body, there is really no need to take him to Japan, Chinese football is not short of excellent goalkeeper, why take a wounded long distance overseas ten million?The second piece of news is about our opponent Japan.According to some we-media sources, Japan’s key central defenders Masayya Yoshida and Kenyo Fuan will miss the round of 12 match between China and Japan, which is indeed good news for China.However, Japan’s teams have a habit of blowing smoke before big games, and it’s not clear whether they will actually be absent until the game starts.However, some fans believe that it is true that Japan’s two central defenders are missing, because the Japanese team wants to send to the National football team.This seems to be a little difficult to understand, in the face of such a big match, the opponent will water?What’s more, The Japanese team has been the old enemy of the National football team, want to send to the National football team, seems to have a little say not past.However, I think there is a certain truth, I don’t know, only one reason: Japan’s head coach Mori Boichi is known for his unstable position, world football can be no lack of players collectively “do” coach cases.Okay, so at this point, you get the idea?The third piece of news is about China’s key player Wu Lei.China is known for scoring goals thanks to Wu lei, but at 31, born in 1991, he is nearing the end of his career.Sources said Wu finished interviews with domestic media before leaving for Japan to join up with the national team, hoping to pass on good things to young players from his generation.Many fans believe that Wu Lei’s words both inside and outside the hidden meaning of looking for a successor, I think there is a certain sense, after all, such as Wu Lei is good at speed, after the age of 34, the next World Cup will not be able to continue to be selected for the national team.Therefore, Wu Lei wants to look for a successor in the current 12 strong competition, I think in reason.If you support the national football team, please leave a comment below and cheer for the national football team!