These time-honored Chinese New Year delicacies should not be missed

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Many traditional Festivals in China have their own representative food. The Spring Festival, as the most important festival, is the time when all kinds of traditional food gather together.Just to be home in xian major have “intangible skill and originality of the old traditional snacks, dinner AGAR AGAR, court dishes make it can chew a lifetime of Spring Festival shopping to eat delicious xi ‘an how can get old food 01 old saying less mutton bread in the soup for a lot of old people in xian, the Spring Festival for a bowl of mutton hot bread in the soup, drink the last sip soup,Feel comfortable on a cold winter’s day.Founded in 1898 (qing Guangxu 24 years), “Chinese time-honored brand” Lao Sun family, with a strong western characteristics of beef and mutton steamed buns and western flavor snacks captured the stomach of thousands of food at home and abroad.Especially when “carnivorous animals” visit Xi ‘an during the Spring Festival, they must eat steamed bread made of Lao Sun mutton.Selected Yanchi Tan sheep, Qinchuan cattle, the dead dough is full of wheat flavor, no matter how small it is, it will not be rotten. The steamed bun material is heavy and mellow, the meat is rotten and the soup is thick, the steamed tendon is smooth and the aroma is overflowing. It looks rough and bold, but the fine product is fragrant and delicate, which can be called the model of the ancient Silk Road food culture.On the 4th floor of the main store in Dongguan, there is a museum of Western Halal food culture. With brick carving, dough sculpture and sand table, it introduces the historical changes of Lao Sun’s brand from entrepreneurship to development up to now.A bite of gourd chicken is crisp and tender, and a bite of Biangbiang noodles is sour and spicy. During the Spring Festival, old Shaanxi people are more fond of authentic Shaanxi food.As the time-honored brand of Xi ‘an, Xi ‘an Restaurant has now become a cultural landmark and a national food fashion.Founded in 1929, Xi ‘an Restaurant is famous for “authentic Shaanxi cuisine” and “complete Shaanxi cuisine”. It has received many party and state leaders, patriotic generals and cultural celebrities.The Shaanxi cuisine in Xi ‘an Restaurant is the one that countless travelers miss most. It has conquered many tourists with its own style.Nowadays, “calabash chicken”, “rou jia mo”, “burn three delicacies”, “Biangbiang noodles”, “Huanggui persimmon cake” and other Shaanxi dishes are widely loved by men, women and children. This Spring Festival, please bring your relatives and friends to taste.In Xi ‘an Restaurant, located in the original site of Dongyou, you can taste the food on the 2nd to 5th floor. You can also go to the Shaanxi Cuisine Cultural Experience Museum to immerse yourself in Shaanxi cuisine.As a representative of Chinese cuisine, dumplings are always indispensable on the table during festivals, and the Spring Festival is indispensable.People in Shaanxi make dumplings into a feast, which is famous at home and abroad.The Chinese time-honored brand Defa long dumpling banquet, its dumpling making skills were listed in the first batch of Shaanxi Province intangible cultural heritage list, and 318 kinds of pattern dumplings to successfully challenge the “world Guinness record”, is the largest scale at home and abroad, the highest grade, the most varieties, the most profound culture of the dumpling banquet.Take a bite of colorful dumplings shaped like flowers, birds, fish and insects. They may taste salty, sweet, hemp, spicy or sour.In addition, there are good meaning of the family photo dumplings, nutritious and healthy multi-food dumplings, let you open a high-level food art journey.04 Xi ‘an Roast duck restaurant, No. 3 west Street, Zhonggulou Square, Lianhu District, Xi ‘an, no. 3, No. 4 Xi ‘an Roast duck restaurant, no. 3 West Street, Lianhu District, Xi ‘an, No. 4 Xi ‘an Roast duck restaurant, no. 3 Xi ‘an Roast Duck Restaurant, no.Roast duck is not only served in Beijing. We also have time-honored brands in Xi ‘an.Xi ‘an Roast Duck Restaurant, founded in 1916, is a time-honored Brand in China.Xi ‘an Roast Duck Restaurant inherits the skills of tang roast duck, inherits the classic skills, and improves and innovates a variety of flavors.Many times won the “international famous snacks”, “Chinese famous dishes”, “Chinese famous banquet” and other honors.Chinese New Year brings the whole family together to taste the famous 369 roast duck, crisp but not greasy roast duck, caviar roast duck and mustard duck feet.If you want to have a bite of roast duck wrapped with refreshing cucumber and tender green onion, you will feel the joy and happiness on your tongue at Xi ‘an Roast Duck Restaurant.Food address: Xingqing Road section 25 (Xingqing Park east gate is opposite) Xi ‘an new city block street 26 05 Yongxing square to see so many time-honored food are you want to 咥?Don’t want to travel back and forth, Wenlv gentleman recommend a great place!There are not only xi ‘an time-honored cuisine, but also the characteristic cuisine and intangible cultural heritage cuisine from 107 counties and districts in Shaanxi, which is Yongxing Fang.Yongxing Square, located in shuncheng Lane in the north of Zhongshan Gate in The City wall of Xi ‘an, was the former residence of Wei Zheng, a famous official in The Tang Dynasty in Chinese history. Now it has become a place to display the neighborhood style and historical life atmosphere of ancient Chang ‘an city, as well as the traditional folk life space, and the display and inheritance of shaanxi intangible cultural heritage cuisine.Yongxing Square brings together more than 50 characteristic delicacies from all over Shaanxi province, including provincial intangible cultural heritage cuisine, municipal intangible cultural heritage cuisine, as well as handmade folk art performances and famous snacks from all over the country.Contains both described above is an old saying mutton bread in the soup, DeFaChang roast duck, dumplings, xi ‘an and zones broadsword, old tongguan meat clip buns, surfaces in chengcheng city water cup of soup, mutton, white flint ZhaShui yam zi ba, ziyang steaming basin, city solid hot face, smaller pancakes, sub continent Guo fillings, suide yellow steamed bun, hengshan roast mutton and other intangible in the south and north of shaanxi guanzhong, delicious food,There are also wei Zheng family banquet, Guanzhong folk banquet, Shaanxi Intangible Cultural Heritage banquet, special snacks set meals and other special banquets.In Yongxing Square, you can not only feel the style of “108 Square of Tang City”, but also taste authentic Shaanxi folk snacks, buy local specialties, delicacies and tourist souvenirs processed with the original origin and the old folk art, and feel the thick festive atmosphere.Food address: xi ‘an urban district east new street zhongshan gate 1 Die changan open a crossing the one thousand New Year flavor of trip at the same time also please pay attention to keeping the epidemic prevention and control measures for peak, to make an appointment, not cluster using the dining-table centiliter remember civilization through a delicious meal at ease and happy Spring Festival xi ‘an sound of tour product pictures from yongxing fang wen xian, diet WeChat public editor: hui min | vision:Review of dust MuLin school accountability: a | : best solution