What is employee turnover tendency analysis

2022-04-29 0 By

How to retain talents and control the turnover rate of employees within a certain range, so that enterprises can get stable development in the fierce competition in the industry, is the key issue that managers pay attention to.If we can effectively understand and analyze employee turnover intention, we can solve the problem that enterprise managers are worried about.Employee turnover tendency analysis, the so-called is the behavior to the operation of the staff in the computer statistics and intelligent analysis, select a recent staff the frequency of access to the job site, etc, to determine whether there is a staff turnover risk, managers use domain shield can be realized, but also can help managers timely understand the employee turnover intention, do beforehand prevention,Avoid the situation of brain drain in enterprises.Through dimission tendency analysis, managers can know the dimission situation of employees in each department. Through the bar chart, managers can quickly understand the dimission rate of each department. Then, they can check the high dimission rate of employees through the dimission risk trend, so as to prevent similar situations in the enterprise in the future.In the department analysis, managers can view the number of different mobilized workers in each department through a list.Through the analysis of the risk analysis of the staff can view each employee turnover risk level, such as to be able to see a number of access to the job site, high-risk action number and the number of sensitive chat, can also statistics show that employee turnover risk types, events and event details, so that managers can learn about the employees quit intention,It is convenient for managers to take timely measures to keep excellent employees for the enterprise.