The debut of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be staged tonight, with curling mixed doubles soldiers marching in glory!

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Beijing time on February 2, tonight, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will welcome the first match, by the Chinese mixed doubles curling team against the Swiss mixed doubles athletes in the first round, is expected to be a very fierce and anxious confrontation, there is the opening of the first match of the bonus, tonight’s match will be more dazzling.China will be competing tonight against Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi, who are ranked sixth in the world and are unlikely to win a gold medal in mixed doubles.But curling is not just about strength. Luck also plays a big part.It is not impossible for the hosts to be in the right place at the right time for the mixed doubles team to achieve better results.In addition, curling has not been developed for a long time, so it can be said that everyone is still in the embryonic state of the start. There is no big difference in the overall level of each team, and basically the competition status of the day is the key to the victory or defeat.At this point, we have to mention Fan Su Yuan, the female mixed doubles team, fan Su Yuan/Ling Zhi in the domestic selection is a long shot, the reason why Fan Su Yuan absolutely contributed to the standout!The women’s biggest characteristics is XinXiRuFa, their every ball to dig deeper, whenever LingZhi set pot, she can also use this time to check their own every ball, beside wiped to wipe again, is the character with the delicate acme, this union can successfully Deus ex, underachieving and win the glory of the winter Olympics opening!In an interview today, Fan Su round/LingZhi also talked about his debut against opponents, they think that although the opponent is the world champion, may have some difference with each other in terms of technology, but they don’t think the other invincible in my mind, and to the opening is very excited and to play against world champions, they think that if in the game play is normal,We are sure to get off to a good start!Curling is still at a stage of development in China. There are not many people who know this sport, and even fewer who can contact and participate in it.Through the first game of the Olympic winter games, we also hope that more people know and understand the sport, can really to love and love the sport, curling in domestic real to grow, let us always walk in the forefront of the campaign, I think this is the purpose of opening arrangement curling and is also the purpose of the Olympic winter games the most deep.I still hope that tonight’s mixed doubles curling soldiers can come on, to ensure their own mentality, to play their own level, it is not important to win or lose, to play a real exciting duel, is all our audience friends want to see!Come on!