Where do the bionic characters who walk through the line of fire come from?Uncovering the back story of the Iron Terminator

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You’ve done this before, haven’t you?Why are you still doing it?In fact, the reason is also very simple, because CFHD accidentally told the background story of the Iron Terminator in the process of updating the map of Molten Steel Institute. Considering that the plot of crossfire and CFHD is the same world view, SO I plan to fill in the hole.We can take a look at the background of molten steel research Institute: inside an unknown volcano, hidden a huge secret research institute.In the face of a bioghost attack, mercenaries need to cover each other and evacuate to the final evacuation point.In the process of retreat mercenaries found that the use of biochemical ghost secret research institute of steel has evolved, a stronger and faster biochemical ghost was born!Please note the last sentence “The bioghost has evolved using the steel secretly studied by the Institute, and a stronger and faster bioghost has been born!”This is where the Iron Terminator mutates, but one thing is that the Iron Terminator is modeled in CFHD as a normal Terminator, not in Crossfire.And in the cross fire inside, the appearance of the iron Terminator is next door big devil terminator, so, the problem between the two is here, we can only modify the plot of a small extent, I hope you don’t mind oh!To highlight:Steel terminator story to go back to the fifth biochemical war broke out, because of the mercenary and biochemical phantom war for many years, has formed a unique equilibrium, who also do not, but it is not hope, by top defenders of high-level have been hoping to thoroughly solve the problem of biochemical ghost, just then, in an unknown volcano,Higher-ups found out there was a secret institute here.In order to investigate the situation here, then, they sent an elite team to this place, but never expected what happened, just after the team arrived in the region, find that there has already been captured by biochemical ghost, players can only ordered the evacuation of the place, but the helicopter is because there are too many biochemical ghost, unable to land,The team had to walk through the entire facility to a landing site on the other side of the facility.Then forced down, the players can only choose to leave this place, at first, the players of the evacuation was very orderly, but until the time of quick arrived in evacuation point happens, it turns out that attack their big devil terminator accidentally fell into the lava, it happened very quickly and lava new reaction, at this point, the original terminator evolution happened all of a sudden.Now became the terminator of the steel, this, players are more embarrassing situation, but fortunately, at that time, the players also arrived at the departure point, in the end, we boarded the evacuation helicopter, fled, success story here came to an end, one might poking fun at the plot is too short, it didn’t also way, the official background story was too short,There is no way to put more things into it, I hope you can understand!