Zhuhai’s health system visited frontline medical workers through video link

2022-05-01 0 By

Zheng Datu, media reporter of Yangcheng Evening News/Interviewee: “You have borne the heaviest burden in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.In the arrival of the New Year still stick to the post, here to everyone worship an early!”On the afternoon of January 30, the health system of Zhuhai city sent greetings and New Year greetings to the medical staff in the frontline of epidemic prevention through video link.In the form of video sessions, the health administrative departments of each district and frontline medical staff working in the medical and health units, municipal health stations, isolation hotels and containment areas gathered together with the leadership of the municipal Health Bureau and the heads of all departments online.Video speech, party secretary of zhuhai municipal health bureau, the secretary of the Xu Chaolong said: “since the outbreak in 2020, we have been in war outbreak, stick to the forefront of the struggle, the outbreak of the” 01.13 “again, you didn’t shout pain, no call tired, just a burning desire, boldly fighting in the forefront of the resistance to disease, a victory over the outbreak of the charge again.”In his speech, he thanked all the medical workers: “There are families that cannot be returned to, relatives that cannot be given to, and children that cannot be held. You have given up your small homes for everyone, so that the virus has retreated, Nanping has been unsealed, zhuhai has a low risk and people in Zhuhai have a safe New Year.All the people in Zhuhai have seen it and remembered it. It is you who have demonstrated the responsibility of zhuhai medical workers for the people with your feelings, and it is you who have polished the dedication of Zhuhai medical workers with your sweat.I want to say thank you to all of you for working so hard to make this year a low-risk year for all of us.”After that, the zhuhai health bureau leadership and the municipal people’s hospital, according to the medical five yuan, city center for disease control and prevention, cuhk five yuan, city health station, isolation, huafa administrative apartment, fishery floor sealing centralization and other eight units of medical personnel in order for attachment dialogue, understand their work status, ask about their life demand, told them to work in care and protect yourself.”We are the doctors of Zhuhai, and protecting the health of zhuhai people is our mission.”In the connection, zhang Yanjun, a doctor from the people’s Hospital stationed in the isolation hotel, expressed his excitement.The medical staff of the fifth Hospital of CUHK also said, “Please rest assured that we will stick to our posts and do our best to treat COVID-19.”In the connection, the medical staff on duty at the front line said they would work hard to build a protective network of epidemic prevention and control in the city.It is reported that more than 15,000 medical staff in the city participated in the prevention and control work on January 13. Although the epidemic prevention and control situation is stabilizing, in order to continue to do a good job in the current epidemic prevention and control work and ensure a healthy and peaceful Spring Festival in the city,Medical staff are still on silent duty every day at key posts in zhuhai’s communities, isolated hotels, fever clinics and COVID-19 treatment areas.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | QiuRuiNi