18 new mall, doomsday mecha opened for sale, when the pray to restore the original price, Ma Chao legend debut

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To say what the player looks forward to most at this stage, I believe that the sun Ce doomsday mecha that is newly added to the mall for sale on the 18th day is the second, and there should be no other content to be the first.After all, the skin was officially unveiled two days ago, and the overall appearance of the skin was pretty good, and starcraft was instantly adorable.In addition, because the two skins of Pure White Flower Marriage and True Love First are currently in the return game, if the players have extra true love rose after drawing these two skins, they must remember to go to the return game store to exchange the general coupon before buying the new skin of Sun Ce on 18th.Because after exchanging coupons, Sun Ce’s lowest purchase price of this doomsday mecha can become 1050 points.Of course, you can also choose not to exchange their general coupons to Sun Ce’s Mecha doomsday body.Because after the day of 18th, it has been online for a few days, but it will be restored to the original price.In this case, it would be nice to buy it with 1130 or 410.Otherwise, if you want to get these two types of skin in the future, even if there is the highest general coupon of 300 points, the lowest price will be completely less than the price of the first week of sales plus the coupon.Also, on The 18th, there will be a new encore package.And inside this gift bag, it is able to open out wang Zhaojun idol singer “night quiet fragrance” full set of stars.However, considering that the price of this set of night quiet fragrance is directly up to 6000 points and is only star yuan, it is not recommended for players to get it.Because 6000 points, but after the purchase of the original price of Sun Ce Doomsday Mecha, the prayer of time, there are still enough points to buy any direct sale of legend skin.Sun Ce, Yunzhongjun, Yao and Xingyuan skin return after the relevant knowledge, also need to know, according to the current time, announced early will be delayed online ma Chao FMVP skin, players should be able to see the appearance of the skin in the near future.After all, the fabled skin, if history is any guide, will go on sale during the Challenger Cup.Although long said that skin will delay, but the delay time is not equal to infinite, right?So judging from the fact that the Challenger Cup has been over for some time and the Spring Festival has been over, the skin will be released in the near future, especially since some special effects of ma Chao’s FMVP skin have been exposed in the early news.So like ma Chao players, the near future at any time to go out 962 coupons.Conclusion This doomsday mecha of Sun Ce, because it is the first legend of Sun Ce, it is generally recommended to start with, especially in the case of very good skin production.Yao and yunzhong jun when the wish skin, anyway, after 18 will restore the original price, those who are still considering whether to start with players, will try to seize the time.Wang Zhaojun this night quiet fragrance, say 1000 thousand, anyway is not recommended to start.Ma Chao’s first legendary skin, considering it has been delayed for a month, so in the recent game, players can actually see the appearance of skin.Unless the official choose to extend the ma Chao FMVP skin directly to Lu Bu FMVP skin online.Well, that’s all for this time.Are you looking forward to the sale of this doomsday skin by Sun Ce?Leave a comment below.I’m cousin. You can call me cousin