A multimillionaire cheats on a 20-year-old girl, who is devastated after she gives birth to a baby without receiving a penny

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Multimillionaire cheated on 20-year-old girl, gave birth to a child but didn’t get a penny, girl emotional breakdown man married to “steal food” also gave birth to a child but didn’t want to be responsible: she is for blackmail!With the rapid development of the economy, it is no doubt that those who get the wrong job can earn more than the honest workers nowadays.For some young women, in addition to open live to make money on network platform, become a few rich small three as well as the quick buck, who built the road, but below the 20-year-old girl in all the year round with a multimillionaire kept improper relations, also gave birth to a child for him, I didn’t think ended up with less than a penny, the end result.The woman is luo Mei. Luo Mei’s friend told the reporter that she lost her temper because Liang Jun refused to accept her and her child.Who is Liang Jun?What had happened between them, and what had brought them to this point?We can see Romei lying on the ground, her face pale, muttering to herself, what on earth is going on?Police told reporters that someone reported being restricted personal freedom, it was not easy to run out.The words of the police are surprising, so why do Liang Jun and Luo Mei have such trouble?To accept the police investigation in the next room, and she collapses, Luo Jiaren said, they have no limit to the personal freedom, this time interview to just to make someone the child’s cost of living, a child has a one year old, now have nothing, but to a rich millionaires, in that case, why to not willing to bear the wife and children with the cost of living?Liang jun didn’t say that he was not responsible for the child, but that he wanted to determine the child’s blood relationship first. Did Liang Jun suspect that the child was not his, so he refused to bear the expenses?Liang’s family said that they knew luo Mei and their children only now, and their words also revealed their disbelief to Luo Mei. Didn’t Liang Jun tell them about Luo Mei’s existence?Why does liang family insist on doing paternity test again?What’s the catch?A multimillionaire cheats on a 20-year-old girl, who is devastated after she gives birth to a baby without receiving a penny.Liang Jiaren said, to now have paid 300000 child support, but Luo Jiaren were not satisfied and asked them to buy a suite, obviously is in extortion, so he says to do paternity test, and after she heard of the part, mood suddenly become excited, Liang Jiaren let someone suddenly can’t accept it, into a state of madness,At this time she he did not understand why the liang family to do so to themselves.Because she too excited, the reporter hurriedly called 120 phone, with the help of the doctor, she the mood will become stable, and has been investigated in the next room to finally appeared, in the sight of the man with a little white hair is to, compared with those of young laumiere to than she is a sophomore at least ten years old, to still insist on do first paternity test,Wait for the result to come out to give Luo Mei a reply, from beginning to end Liang Jun did not say a word of concern to Luo Mei, which makes people can not help suspecting the relationship between the two people.Finally, the two families reached an agreement, decided to do a paternity test first, and then negotiate the next custody matters, in other words, how is Luo Mei and Liang Jun together?Only 20 years old that year, the laumiere to a KTV meet in changsha, for children of the young girl she has mature man glamour to 40 years old, and a successful career, under to fierce pursuit, she soon get stuck here, but by the time she got pregnant, after everything has changed, to the laumiere less care than before,At this time, Luo Mei proposed to marry Liang Jun, but Liang Jun said he would give her anything but marriage.The laumiere this heart just know to have a family, she wanted to break up, but to entangle and promise to let she can’t refuse, to promise she buy a car to buy a house, but as a child was born, she found to commitment is so ethereal, so she was determined to get child support, and to make a clean break.Since Luo Mei iron heart should part company with Liang Jun this, and get the thing that belongs to oneself, so liang Jun should do paternity appraisal is for what?Since Luo Mei is sure that the child is Liang Jun’s, is Liang Jun really suspicious of the child’s bloodline, or does he have some hidden agenda?Man:She gave birth to extortion, liang’s and Luo Jiaren came to the gate of the appraisal center, surprisingly, didn’t come to it at the time, it makes Luo Jiaren very angry, the scene in a row, in the face of ridicule and mockery to their families, she mood again collapse, she vowed to find to myself, what has happened to this point,Liang Jun is still hiding and afraid to show up, is it because Liang Jun has no money to child support?So, she took reporters came to the to buy one a person of extraordinary powers curtilage in changsha, although the door closed, but we can see through glass inside decorate very heroism, she said, the hundreds of thousands of oil exterior wall decoration alone, visible to not no money raising laumiere and children, see to is not in the company, reporter phoned to, on the phone,Liang jun’s explanation for insisting on a paternity test was that he did not evade the responsibility of raising the child, but that luo’s family was so greedy that he even thought Luo Mei was trying to use the child as a bargaining chip to blackmail her.Soon after, to and she came to the appraisal center again, she saw such a small child to be involved in an adult, she couldn’t help crying, see the children, on the side is to don’t see child, just head keeps silent, two adults committed a fault, but will let the innocent children to go to bear, really let a person feel heartache and cool.Liang Jun left in a hurry after taking blood, even the test results do not want to wait, so now what is the heart of Luo Mei?Luo mei said she only wanted to fight for the child’s upbringing expenses to give her child a guarantee in the future.Finally through the appraisal result, luo Mei gave birth to the child is indeed Liang Jun, but there is no joy on her face, a woman the best six years, but in return for such a paternity test, so Liang Jun know the result and how will make the reaction?Liang said he will leave the future to his lawyer and will not see Luo mei any more. He also said that if Luo is unwilling to raise the child, they will bear the responsibility for raising the child, and if Luo is willing to continue raising the child, they will also pay the corresponding expenses according to the law.At the end of the article’s word after talking about the millionaires do, small make up got deeply aware of how these rich wealth adds up, we imagine that even the carrying on the outside of the marriage derailed his wife my girlfriend small for many years, also gave birth to a child for him, he can be ruthless refused, let alone to deal with the millionaires of others,How he’s gonna do it again.In fact, for him this kind of man, xiaobian think there is only one way to punish him, that is to expose his immoral behavior through legal and media means as much as possible, so that some of his partners with a sense of justice in the business road choose to abandon him, so as to effectively achieve the effect of revenge.