Cauliflower snake non-toxic, why is known as “the king of snakes”?Why are poisonous snakes afraid of cauliflower snakes?

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Venomous snakes are a natural oddity. Instead of hunting their prey with agile skills, they use their venom to keep their prey from escaping.Even for large animals, a bite from a very venomous snake is likely to be fatal.Many people have an innate fear of snakes, especially poisonous ones, and even those who are skilled at catching them have to be careful with them.Cauliflower snakes are widespread throughout the country and poisonous snakes are dangerous, but relatively speaking, non-poisonous snakes are not so dangerous.A common non-poisonous snake is cauliflower snake, which is widely distributed in many provinces of China. However, this non-poisonous snake can restrain many poisonous snakes.Five-step cobra encounter it, can only be forced to escape, cauliflower snake also has the title of “the king of 100 snakes”.How can such a non-venomous snake make other venomous snakes fear it?Cauliflower snake “the king of 100 snakes” is not a vain name, it is a large snake, although not pythons, but compared with the general viper, the size of the advantage is very obvious.Cauliflower snakes are mainly distributed in China, Japan and Vietnam. If you encounter snakes in rural areas, they are generally cauliflower snakes.Their body length can grow to more than two meters, temperament is very fierce, the head looks like a snake, are triangular.Cauliflower snakes are very aggressive to other snakes in their territory. If they find traces of other snakes in their territory, they will actively find other snakes that enter their territory and attack them. All the snakes captured by cauliflower become their food.Cauliflower snake attacks fast to subdue poisonous snakes. The main weapon of cauliflower snake is a circle of sharp teeth in its mouth. After locking the prey, it will quickly attack and bite the prey without releasing its mouth, killing the prey directly.Its fierce temperament matches its physical characteristics, and it has a king pattern on its head, which seems to match its title of “King of 100 snakes”.Its size also gives it an advantage against other snakes. It can grow to about 2.6 meters, a length that is rare except for pythons.But none of this gives it an absolute advantage against poisonous snakes. One reason why poisonous snakes run away from it is that it is very aggressive.Cauliflower snakes are agile and move quickly to attack their prey.Instead of relying on venom to kill its prey, it adapted to direct attack and evolved a more agile way of hunting.Generally poisonous snakes have venom as a means of hunting, but they move very fast when attacking. They have no advantages in size and speed when fighting with cauliflower snakes directly, so they are naturally unable to compete with cauliflower snakes, so that common poisonous snakes become cauliflower snakes’ food.Cauliflower snake has its own venom immune properties cauliflower snake not only has the advantage of attack skills, it also has a unique means of self-defense.If you can’t beat an opponent, it will release a stink and drive the opponent back.It also releases a foul smell when it’s nervous, a unique way of protecting itself that can either keep it from predators or turn them off.Cauliflower snakes are also fearless because they are immune to the venom of many kinds of poisonous snakes.You may be bitten by a poisonous snake during a fight.And its own antivenom serum, the snake’s attack weapon is useless.Like cauliflower snake this own anti-venom characteristics of the animal, generally in the encounter of poisonous snakes, will take the initiative to attack, poisonous snakes see them only escape, do not escape will become their food.Although cauliflower snakes have few natural predators, they have some medicinal value because they are not poisonous and carry antivenom.Some people hunt cauliflower snakes for medicinal wine, while others hunt cauliflower snakes for food.Cauliflower snakes are listed as second-class protected animals in China as their numbers have declined due to hunting and habitat destruction.Cauliflower snakes are natural predators of voles, and killing them at will can lead to population growth.If you see cauliflower snakes in the wild, be careful not to disturb them and release them if you can.Cauliflower Snake