The blogger who broke the auditor’s sudden death received a lawyer’s letter from B station;Jia Yueting FF “announced” fake hammer

2022-05-04 0 By

On February 9, blogger @Wang Luobei, who exposed the auditor’s sudden death during the Spring Festival, said he had received a lawyer’s letter from the law firm entrusted by STATION B.At 22:47 that night, the blogger posted his latest statement on weibo, saying that the family members of the sudden death employee had completed negotiations with STATION B.In addition, the blogger apologized: “Since the cousin of the deceased did not know the specific situation last night, I also mistakenly thought that the family members did not reach an agreement. I would like to admit my mistake and delete the post that said ‘not reached an agreement’ yesterday. I apologize to the family members and B station.Wang Luobei said that she was very pleased to see that the family and STATION B had carried out follow-up matters in an orderly and proper manner. She would not follow up this matter any more and would focus on improving the living environment of migrant workers.At the same time, the blogger also hopes that all netizens and media will no longer let the deceased be consumed on the Internet and get real peace.Earlier, B station officials responded that the company will use maximum efforts to expand the recruitment of audit staff, this year to increase the recruitment of 1,000 people.The increase of manpower can effectively reduce the per capita working pressure.In addition, pay more attention to audit staff health.In addition to the company’s annual regular physical examination, from this month, we will organize all staff of the content security Center to carry out enhanced physical examination.At the same time, the addition of all-weather health consulting room, to ensure the physical and mental health of employees.Faraday Future (FF), founded by Jia Yuting, announced that a special committee of the company’s independent board of directors has completed an investigation into allegations of inaccurate shorting by J Capital Research.The move follows a report by US short seller J Capital Research, which described Faraday Future as an “emerging electric car scam” that would never sell a car.Immediately, the Special Committee of Faraday independent Directors conducted a review of the group’s business, and found that FF had announced that it had more than 14,000 orders for FF 91, but only a few hundred of them had been paid for. FF was accused of false publicity, and netizens joked that Jia yuting had been “cracked down on counterfeits” in the United States.”We have collected more than 14,000 bookings for FF 91, and we have all the users’ information. This is the free booking data.”The limited edition of FF 91, which the company has announced for 300 cars worldwide, is a charge order.”It should be noted that this statement is a “self-disclosure” : FF 91 only paid the deposit for 300 appointments!Unlike cheaper electronics such as mobile phones, the ability to reserve a car without paying a penny is rare among new power car companies, even tesla, which requires a minimum deposit of 1,000 yuan.”Now, a special committee of independent directors has concluded that the company’s previous announcement of 14,000 reservations may be misleading, but it is not false,” he said.FF is planning to deliver its first model in July this year, and it will be the horse or mule that gets the final word.