The person that pass tells you, these a few kinds of kitchen electric equipment had better not buy, waste money to return not practical

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A n experienced person to tell you, the best don’t buy this kinds of kitchen appliances, waste of money is not practical, in the process of home decoration and renovation, for kitchen renovation is very important, because the kitchen area, most electrical appliances, and the use of the whole process will have a very complex environment, mingles calculate, even under the use of gas, lampblack machine, air blower,The supply of some of the current used, the size requirements of the environment, and even ventilation all require a great deal of certainty and cannot be careless.So today, follow xiaobian to take a look at the appliances used in the kitchen, which are very impractical, which are not worth buying, I hope to share it can help you.1. Disinfection cabinet disinfection cabinet is help to the disinfection of bowl chopsticks, but eating food in the process of disinfection is need to be dry, it needs to wait for a process of time is very long, but if use dry towel to wipe, then the bacteria quantity will rise, so in general, the use of disinfection cabinet is very troublesome.2. The dishwasher dishwasher for modern young people, it is too attractive, they are not don’t like cooking, but don’t like to wash bowl chopsticks, but we also want to know, the dishwasher won’t have more space to u for POTS and pans, and in the process of washing bowl chopsticks, stir-fried dishes for Chinese is difficult to achieve clean,So the whole down, or to their own hand wash again to be able to feel at ease.3. Small kitchen treasure small kitchen treasure is a very suitable electrical appliance for use in winter, but people who have used it will know that the small kitchen treasure not only has a slow heating speed, but also has very little water storage, which cannot meet the basic washing vegetables and dishes, so overall, it does not play a great role.The kitchen electric equipment that above place lists, do not need to buy electric equipment namely actually, because practical and general, do not cause economic waste so oh.(This article is edited by Qi Jia xiaobian, graphic from the network, if there is infringement, please inform us to delete!)