Ren Xijie presided over the special meeting of the city’s key project construction

2022-05-05 0 By

On February 9, Ren Xijie, standing member of CPC Municipal Committee and Executive vice Mayor, presided over a special meeting on the construction of key projects in the city.At the meeting, the person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission reported the progress of the city’s project construction and the next work plan, and the relevant person in charge of the counties and districts reported the progress of the 2022 project construction and the next steps and the completion of the project construction “winter action” this week and the next week’s plan.Ren stressed that all levels and departments should further improve their political position, focus on projects and stick to the concept of “projects are for the future, projects are for development”. With a sense of urgency and a sense of crisis, we should spare no effort to promote the speed, quality and efficiency of project construction.Relevant departments of all counties, districts and municipalities should further clarify their responsibilities, perform their respective duties, strengthen communication, take the initiative, form joint efforts, highlight problem-oriented, timely analysis and judgment, and study and solve problems as soon as possible.Pay close attention to the time node, increase the intensity of work, establish a special class system, implement a weekly report system, strive for weekly changes.Parallel examination and approval should be implemented to provide quality services and strong guarantee for the construction of key projects.To find the project entry point, the industry convergence point, list the list one by one, do know well, quick action, promote the smooth implementation of the city’s construction projects.