University student network love rush now turn over car, true appearance and photo gap is very big, net friend: good gender to top

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College life is what students look forward to very much, because without the control of parents and teachers, they can have more time to do what they want.One of them is that it is ok to have a romantic relationship openly, and some parents are supportive, so every student hopes to have a sweet campus romance in college.However, some universities have a serious imbalance in the male-to-female ratio, so it is not easy to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, but this does not stop college students from wanting to fall in love.And now the network developed, online love has become the primary choice for many college students to find a partner, in their words, online love is much easier than falling in love in reality.However, there are many cheaters on the Internet, so college students must be prepared when choosing online love.College students’ cyber love is overturned, too big gap between the reality and photos, netizens: did you have a temper on top in the virtual world, everyone wants to give each other the best side show recently, many college students feel found true love, time is long don’t want to fall in love on the Internet, hope I can become a real couple, so they choose to rush now.Still want to advise a college student nevertheless, the net love needs caution, rush now need courage more.The object that this male classmate net loves, see a photo really is pure arrived extreme, very accord with the image of first love cummer in the boy heart, presumably male classmate also finds such beautiful girlfriend for oneself and proud.But left the network world, the male student’s object and the photo gap is a little big, let alone the appearance level of difference, we say that this figure, feel like not a person.Is it because I was so happy that I could not control myself and ate a little too much?But there is a saying that “fat people are potential”, thin down should also look good, the male student do not easily give up ah.However, the next male student’s luck is not so good, the gap between his girlfriend is really a little too big, look at the photos feel not too much, just wear makeup;However, in real life, I have to say, his girlfriend’s makeup skills deserve praise.”This is a change of head,” one user joked.But the most fortunate to belong to this male classmate, personally think, his girlfriend before and after the gap is not very big, also can’t belong to according to cheat.To say the most unlucky or these two female students, I did not expect that now the boy’s P graph technology is so superb, so that many female students are inferior.The female students may not think of themselves, and his love is a middle-aged uncle, after all, look at the number of photos no problem a handsome boy, this three-dimensional facial features, handsome face, it is estimated that the roommates are a burst of envy.And this female student, and the last female student belongs to the same situation, look at the photos of boyfriends are particularly handsome, no problem young fresh meat, but in real life are middle-aged uncle, the psychological gap is too big.Seeing these photos, many netizens said that it is good that the gender is matched, otherwise it is really the scene of the rollover, or the future will have a shadow on the relationship.Falling in love is not a necessity of college life, college students still need to study mainly. It is very lucky to meet a compatible partner during college, but it is also can not be sought, to cherish, not forced.Although college is not as strict as high school, and there is not as much learning pressure as high school, we should still focus on learning, and don’t let other things affect us to become more excellent.University study is not to make the final pass or fail, but to pave the way for graduation, professional knowledge is not solid, to find a job is very difficult.Of course, not only learning, but also proper physical exercise, do not always nest in the dormitory to play games, in the process of exercise can not only enhance physical fitness, but also relieve the pressure of learning, but also maintain a good figure.In addition, you should also take part in activities organized by the school. In this way, you can make lots of friends, accumulate contacts for yourself, and exercise your social skills.Finally want to say: fall in love is a very normal thing during the university, but to choose the right way, “net love” this kind of behavior is not advocated, the net love rush now more to put an end to.Because online love is really unreliable, many college students are a waste of time and energy, and even cheated of money, some college students can not accept after being cheated, but also do some harm to their own things.Therefore, college students must take warning, do not feel that the network is a fashion, there is that time and energy, it is better to strive to improve themselves, increase their employment advantages.If you bloom, butterflies will come.Topic of the day: Do you have the experience of online dating?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.