Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei won China’s first gold medal, making history in short track speed skating

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Wen \ River’s lake dance China’s first gold!Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kecin and Qu Chunyu crossed the finish line in the men’s and women’s 2,000m mixed relay of the Beijing Winter Olympics to win the first gold medal for China.She also won the first mixed relay gold medal in short track speed skating in winter Olympic history.As short track speed skating 2000 meters medley relay is leader of the project, which create the history of the Olympic gold medal for China for error, won the gold MEDALS, not only can be good start for China’s armed forces in the Olympic step up good, also to use the force of host, create the best record in the Olympics the Chinese delegation to lay the solid foundation.However, China’s first gold medal did not go smoothly, nor did it go uneventfully.In the competition, wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu, who appeared in the semifinals, easily advanced to the semifinals as the group first.China’s main rival, world record holder South Korea, crashed out of the semifinals.The Chinese team also had an accident in the second group of the semifinals. After changing the lineup and replacing Fan Kexin with Zhang Yu, they only finished third in the group. According to the rules, the top two in the group can advance to the final.At the end of the match, the referee reviewed the video repeatedly and confirmed the fouls by the Russian Olympic Committee and the US team, which allowed China to finish second in its group and advance to the final.In the final, Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu got off to a bad start and were only in the third position, but they were ahead of their semifinal opponent Hungary. They took the opportunity to overtake The first place with 12 laps remaining in the race.As Canada and Hungarian players hit fall together, let all the chance to accelerate, the advantage of China is more and more big, the final stage, the Italian team crazy chase, but Wu Dajing still firmly hold the lead, China combined with 2 minutes and 37 seconds 348 first crossed the finish line, for the Chinese team won the gold medal in expected, defend the ace advantage of honor.In the past eight games, the Chinese team won a total of 13 gold MEDALS, as many as 10 gold MEDALS out of short track speed skating single, short track speed skating can say is that we deserved the gold medal harvester, on its own advantage project won the first gold for China, once again proved our strength in short track speed skating, WBH.Of course, the gold medal is also very thrilling, the last lap, in the lead of a huge situation, Wu Dajing was chased by his opponent to only 0.016 seconds ahead, also let people pinch a cold sweat.The combination of Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu is also very interesting. Wu Dajing won the only gold medal for us in Pyeongchang four years ago, while Fan Kexin is a veteran who has participated in four Olympic Games. It is very rare to realize the dream of gold medal at the end of his career.It is worth mentioning that Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu are all from Heilongjiang province, which is a manifestation of the unbalanced regional development of the Winter Olympics project.