Green forest, only for the love in my heart

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If you visit the transferable trees reserve area in Zhangshanying Winter Olympics Forest Park in Yanqing, Beijing, you will find that many trees have their own “IDENTITY cards”.A scan of the QR code shows that they were transplanted from the construction of the Yanqing Competition area.In order to protect the ecological environment, Yanqing District has entrusted our school to carry out ecological background investigation since 2016.According to the regulation, the ecological background survey should take one year before the site environmental assessment can be conducted.Due to the tight schedule and heavy tasks, 7 professors from the College of Ecology and Nature Conservation, college of Forestry and other institutions of our university formed a technical and management support team for ecological and environmental protection in Yanqing Area of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, and organized more than 120 students to participate in the investigation.From August 2016 to March 2017, the team completed the Investigation Report on Ecosystem Background Resources in Yanqing Competition Area by means of key investigation, general investigation and spot inspection, which is equivalent to a comprehensive physical examination before the start of construction, providing support for the environmental assessment required for the start of construction.In the winter of 2016, we walked into xiaohaituo Mountain, where the National Alpine Ski center is located.The road in the ditch is full of ice, we help each other, even if careful, but also unavoidable fall.At that time, the same question was on everyone’s mind — how can engineering construction and ecological environment protection complement each other?For example, water sources in small basins should be identified to see where geological disasters are likely to occur.Forest vegetation should be clearly divided;Some trees will be felled and transplanted to build the stadium, how to proceed…In the investigation, we sort out one by one and put forward countermeasures.According to the first of the four basic principles of biological diversity protection “give way” principle, in the construction, cannot give way to protect plant, we take the habitat similar close near the ground protection or conservation at a distance, from nearly 11027 strains of rare plants transplant division, conservation for 24000 trees, conservation and the construction of specialized area.Mountain transplanting of wild trees is much more difficult than planting cultivated plants in nurseries.For example, a pruning walnut tree drains SAP, and when transplanted, the tree is more likely to die.So we prune, we don’t dig, we don’t transplant, we save the roots for moisture.When the pruned site formed callus, reseeding and transplantation.For the protected plants that cannot be removed, we will protect the seed resources, grow seedlings in the nursery, and then move the artificially bred seedlings back to the mountains, so that the green back to the mountains.As the Beijing Winter Olympics were about to open, I recalled the scene of my first “close contact” with Xiaohaituo Mountain — October 2014, when the autumn rain was continuous and the mountain was particularly cold and wet.The team members were particularly excited, and the flowers were brilliant and the forest was all dyed. Everyone said that such a beautiful place must be well protected.I think we did it.(Project team: Reporter Zhang Sheng and Chen Zhiyin)