Offensive battle!Edwards scored 19 points in the first half of timberwolves vs. Bulls

2022-05-06 0 By

The Timberwolves, who are 5-1 in their last six games, are in good shape and currently the seventh seed in the Western Conference with a good chance of making the playoffs this season.The Bulls, who lost lonzo Ball and Williams to injuries, still have the second-best record in the Eastern Conference and are unlikely to make the playoffs.At the beginning of the game, the Timberwolves all focused on the defense of lavine, derozan and two people, giving Green a lot of room to shoot, the opening 5 4 efficient scored 9 points, Towns on Vucevic’s defense pressure is not enough, Vucevic is also 4 from 4 easily scored 8 points;The Timberwolves tried to shoot from three, but they couldn’t handle it. The Bulls led by four points, 23-19, and the game went into a timeout.Timberwolves boost defense on Bulls 24 second violation back from timeout;Edwards scored 4 points in a row, derozan responded with a dry shot, Towns drove to the basket and dunked, Vuche went out, towns was too easy inside.It is clear that the timberwolves made tactical adjustments during the timeout, the sense of three breaks up is not good, Edwards, Towns continued to attack inside, the first quarter ended with two teams evenly tied at 27.The second quarter began derozan two attacks into a row of 4 points, Russell half basket also, the two sides launched attack mode;Bradley got a 2-and-1 on Reade, McDaniels hit a rebound, Donovan called a timeout, and neither team defended.Easy side to fight again McDaniels 3 dry pull hit the Timberwolves again over, wu cut hook also has;Edwards passed azan and lavine, scoring and drawing a foul from derozan.Green hit a 3-pointer and had a great day, but Edwards made a 3-pointer and scored 5 straight points to stop the game.Edwards speeds up for a layup after a timeout, but Green makes a 3 from the baseline;Towns wonderful cross road Beesley layup also have, derozan into the basket both hands dunk, the two teams today staged the feast, the half game ended the Timberwolves 59-60 Timberwolves;Bulls: demar Derozan (17), Draymond Green (15);Minnesota: Edwards had 19 points and five assists, Towns had 10 points and five rebounds.