Lottery | no longer strange EDR, no longer strange you

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Drawing notice before the New Year, this week is the last drawing before the New Year, the next drawing will be in the working days after the New Year, please look forward to!Starting in 2022, the “Hua ‘an Auto Culture Industrial Park” will hold a lucky draw twice a month, with a total of six winners.During the period of free annual vehicle examination /100 yuan laundry card two welfare line, free car examination welfare 2 per month, a total of 24 throughout the year;4 items per month for a total of 48 items per year.The premise of the award, must pay attention to the “Hua ‘an Automobile culture Industrial Park” public number, in the weekly push of any content under the quality of the message (express personal views, praise and criticism suggestions, can not be disorderly comment, such as “I want to win”, “hurry to give me a prize”, etc.).The lottery this week for details, please pay attention to “hua an automobile culture industrial park” in the title with “|” “push in understanding.In the information age, data is everywhere.Data can be evidence, resources and omnipotent existence.Once we saw the news of the flight crash, we all know that in addition to the rescue task, the most important thing is to salvage the “black box”, because it stores all the necessary data information for analysis, but also the evidence to record the whole process of the accident.The Event Data Recorder (EDR) will be required to be installed on new passenger cars in China from Jan 1, 2022.Although its impact strength and information recording completion are several grades worse than the black box on airplanes, and its technology and cost are limited, it can only record the operation parameters and safety status information of vehicles in the three stages of tens of seconds before, during and after a collision.One might ask, isn’t that the same thing as a dashcam?There are essential differences between the two.The traffic recorder will record the whole process of the traffic accident and divide responsibility disputes based on it. The information recorded is mainly time, speed, video image and so on, which are all basic data information and have the advantage of being comprehensive enough.The data recorded by EDR includes longitudinal acceleration, brake switch status, seat belt use status, steering wheel steering Angle, accelerator pedal status, etc., which is advantageous for discovering the vehicle’s own problems.So the dashcam is still necessary, and the EDR will keep you safe in the dark.Those who pay attention to the industry should remember the rights protection event of the owner at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021. The owner thought that the Brake of Tesla failed, but Tesla thought that the owner made a mistake.Since there is no EDR, the two sides fall into a state of endless bickering.If the vehicle is equipped with an EDR, it’s easy to divide responsibility and extract the data.Finally, regarding the price of EDR, will it lead to the price rise of vehicles?At present, the cost of optional installation of EDR in foreign countries is about 1200 US dollars, and the factory cost of vehicles after compulsory installation is definitely higher.However, consumers do not need to worry about this point. As China is the world’s largest automobile production and marketing market, the cost of EDR will definitely decrease the unit price with the expansion of the market scale, and automobile companies will adjust the configuration to balance the price and satisfy consumers.