Zhou Zhaocheng soul 5 asked Liu Xuezhou, every word and blood tears: where are you soul in where?

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On January 31, 2022, the 29th New Year’s Eve of Agricultural University, zhou Zhaocheng, a lawyer from Beijing law firm, announced on his personal social media platform that he had accepted the commission of Liu Xuezhou’s adoptive parents’ family and formally represented Liu Xuezhou.The Liu Xuezhou that year is 15 years old only, cannot bear oneself biological parents abandon again, cannot bear the encircation of numerous keyboard man is cut off, be in the seaside of Hainan Sanya, left as long as the suicide note of nearly ten thousand words take medicine to die.So who is responsible for this tragedy and who should be held legally responsible?Lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng stood out, said he accepted the trust, for Liu Xuezhou’s rights, caused liu Xuezhou tragedy responsible person accountability.After issuing a formal statement on his personal social media platform, Zhou Zhaocheng, a lawyer, then sincerely asked Liu Xuezhou the soul of 5 questions, he asked the content is really moving: Liu Xuezhou, tonight, the lights of thousands of homes, the New Year has arrived, where are you at the moment?Where is the soul?The Spring Festival is originally a happy moment for thousands of people to reunite, but Liu Xuezhou chose to take medicine to leave the world, his heart had no attachment to the world and reluctant to give up.Now in the Spring Festival, in the lights of the family staged the moment of family reunion, leaving the world of Liu Xuezhou, but the soul of heaven, let a person SOB and sad.Liu Xuezhou, you said that you like the sun and the sea, and that you want to go to Sanya in Hainan, because you can find the feeling of home there.Where are you right now?Where is the soul?Liu Xuezhou has always been fond of sunshine and the sea. Although he has experienced many hardships that ordinary people may not experience in their whole life in the past ten years, he still has a heart for sunshine and the sea.After losing his biological parents in real sense again, liu Xuezhou that encounters them mercilessly twice abandons, chose a line to Hainan Sanya.Liu xuezhou told his aunt, Ms. Chai, that he was going to zhejiang to participate in the show.However, he appeared in sanya hainan surrounded by the sun and the sea, in his favorite and yearning sea, he chose to leave this extreme way, let him have no attachment to the reluctant to give up the world.Liu Xuezhou, New Year’s Eve, children with families, children with mothers, will go home, will throw into the arms of their mothers, where did you go at the moment?Where is the soul?Unfortunately, Liu Xuezhou was sold to his adoptive parents at a young age, in exchange for a bride price of 3000 yuan so that his biological parents can get married.Then his adoptive parents died in an accident when he was 4.From then on his world, his life dictionary has no mother’s arms.When his real mother ruthlessly blocked his wechat, he lost his last attachment to the world.Liu Xuezhou, you once said to me, “Lawyer Zhou, I don’t want to be trafficked, molested or abandoned. I want to protect myself by law. Can you help me?”I want to tell you “no problem”, but where are you, where is your soul?After too many misfortunes in life, he was abducted and sold, molested and abandoned all kinds of experiences, so that his life dictionary has become gray, he still reluctantly to Zhou lawyer for help.Unfortunately, he did not stick to it. When Zhou was determined to help him out of trouble, he died unfortunately, which made Zhou sad.Liu Xuezhou, your uncle let me protect you, but we have passed by, and now Yin and Yang are separated.I want to express my deep remorse and self-reproach to you. Where are you now? Where is your soul?After Liu Xuezhou recognize relatives, was afraid of affecting his family’s biological parents, on the network arbitrarily reversed black and white, their behavior brings about a lot of keyboard man on the network, launched to the state state blots out the sky and cover the sky unbridled network violence.Although Liu Xuezhou left, but zhou lawyer stood up, he will protect Liu Xuezhou after the matter, a force to assume the responsibility for liu Xuezhou rights, a stem of perpetrators to justice.