Folk tale: A man returns from a business trip to see his wife give birth to a white cat. Mammy confesses: It wasn’t my idea

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During the Kaihuang period of the Sui Dynasty, there was a rich merchant named Jia Quan in Yizhou. Because his family was well off, he married one wife, one concubine and two wives. His wife, Yang Shi, was a kind and virtuous woman.When Yang was more than eight months pregnant, Jia received a business order and needed to go out.One day, he called Yang and Yu to the main room and said to Yu, “I have to go out. Please take good care of your wife at home. It is jia’s son and nothing should happen to her.Yu shi pledges to say: “master, you rest assured, I must take good care of my sister and children!”Jia Quan again explained a few words with a servant to go out, he is two months away, deal with the business to go home.One enters the door to ask the servant girl small month at the door, “madam gave birth to?”Xiao Yue nodded, felt wrong, and quickly shook his head.Jia Quan looked at xiao Yue’s strange expression and said to himself, “This girl is usually very clever. What’s wrong with her today?”But he was not in the mood for a maid, and hurried to the lady’s room.Just walked to the door, Yu Shi stopped him, “master, you come back, first go to my room to sit down, I report to you about these two months happened.”Jia quan didn’t stop. He pushed Yang’s door open and said, “I’ll wait until I see my son.”Jia quan saw Yang sitting on the bed with glazed eyes and a white cat in her arms. Jia Quan came to her side and she did not respond.Jia quan looked around on the bed but could not find the child. So he took Yang shi’s arm and asked, “Where is the child?”Yang said, “My son, my son…”Jia Quan was a little puzzled. He had only been away for two months. How could Yang have become so?He inquired the vision to the side of yu Shi, hope she can explain clearly to himself.Yu pointed to the cat in Yang’s arms and said, “This is her baby.”Jia Quan stared with big eyes and said in surprise, “How can it be?How can a person give birth to a cat?”Yu shi began to tell Jia Quan, “One night half a month ago, my sister suddenly gave birth. My old mammy and I stayed by her side all the time. Mammy took the baby herself and gave birth to this cat.”Still unconvinced, Jia quan called Mammy and asked. Mammy answered in the same way.The servants, who had not seen the child, said that the lady carried the white cat the next day.Jia Quan’s heart begins to accept this reality, he feels certainly is Yang shi to have a problem just can give birth to a cat, to this half crazy half silly hair wife begins cold, and to very will come to matter more close to yu Shi.After yu shi succeeded, he began to talk to Jia Quan in the wrong way. “Yang Shi is an unlucky person, and now she is half crazy and half stupid. Let her take over the throne of his wife, who has lost jia’s family.Jia Quan felt that Yu shi was right, he was also a prominent figure in Yizhou, how could there be a silly wife at home, so he agreed to Yu shi’s request, Yang Shi kicked out of the house.When Jia Quan was not looking, Yu took a large bag of silver and gave it to mammy, saying, “The matter is done. You can go home and retire for old age, but you must keep this secret until you die.”Mammy took the money, nodded and said: “Don’t worry, ma ‘am. No one will know me when I leave this place. I won’t say a word.”That night, instead of a white cat, Yang shi had given birth to a white and fat boy, for it was night and Yu Shi had sent all the maids away to sleep, leaving only herself and old Mammy.And Yang shi finished giving birth to the child because of physical strength faint, at this moment let mammy pack this boy, put into the wooden basin to throw into the Minjiang River, and he put the white cat into Yang shi’s quilt.When Yang shi woke up, Yu Shi and Mammy both told her that she had given birth to a cat. She could not bear the shock and became half mad and half stupid.After being kicked out of jia’s house, Yang shi had no place to go, so she wandered on the streets, just as Liu Si was looking for milk with her baby.Liu Si was a fisherman. Twenty days ago, he went fishing in the river at about five o ‘clock in the morning. He had not gone far when he heard a baby crying.At that time, the sky was just bright, the baby’s crying sound is vaguely visible, Liu Si was quite nervous.When he rolled the boat closer, he found a wooden basin floating on the river, and in the basin there was a child carved in pink and jade, crying.Liu Si carefully picked up the child, thinking of his more than 30 years old has not been married daughter-in-law, pick up a child is also very good.And the child in liu si’s arms instantly stopped crying, staring at him with two big eyes.Liu Si also stopped fishing, put the children and the wooden basin on the boat, rocking the boat home.When he got home, he put the baby to bed, made some rice soup and gave it to him, but the baby was too small to eat much, so he had to find some breast milk.In this way liu Si every day holding the child to walk east street string west street to find someone to feed the child.One day, the child was crying in the street, and was met by the half-crazy and half-stupid Yang shi who was driven out. Yang Shi heard the child crying and instantly woke up.Following the sound, she found Liu Si and looked at the child in liu Si’s arms and timidly said, “The child must be hungry. Can I feed the child some milk?”Liu Si heard that she had milk, just to save him from going everywhere, so he gave her the child.When the child reached Yang’s arms, she not only stopped crying, but also smiled at her, which made Her heart melt.Yang shi found a deserted corner to feed the baby, and reluctantly handed the baby to Liu Si. Liu Si looked at the baby and said “thank you” to Yang Shi, and then went back with the baby in his arms.Awake, Yang had no idea who she was or where her home was, and she lost her memory.But she feels this child is very close, inexplicable all the time follow liu 4 behind.When Liu Si was nearly home, he turned around and saw Yang Shi following him. He turned around and asked her, “Where do you live?”Yang shook her head and said, “I seemed to have been confused before I met you. I woke up when I heard the crying of my child, but I don’t remember the past, and I don’t know who I am, let alone where I live.”Liu Si, hearing that she was also a poor woman, said to her: “The child is in need of milk. You can stay here and be a wet nurse for the child. But I can’t afford to pay, so I can only take care of your food and shelter.Yang shi saw Liu Si can take her, quickly gift thanks.Sober, Yang worked hard, fed the children fat and kept Liu Si’s house clean and tidy.Liu Si no worries, every day to go fishing, life is not bad.Two years later, the baby could walk, but Yang still did not remember who she was, so she devoted herself to taking care of the baby.A warm-hearted neighbor advised Liu Si: “Since no one came to her for two years, it proves that she is also an orphan girl. You kindly took her in for two years, and she treated her child as her own. It is better for you to live together and give her a complete home.”In the past two years, Yang’s family has been running the house well, so that he has a sense of home, the original has been worried about Yang’s family to find, dare not have other ideas, since no one for two years, should not care about her.That day, after dinner, the two of them were playing with their children in the yard. Liu Si told Yang shi his idea. Yang shi also realized that Liu Si was a hard-working and simple man in the past two years, thinking that he was alone, if liu Si did not take him in, he did not know where to live.They were both miserable people. No ceremony was held. They moved from two rooms to one room, and the children were called “Daddy and Mother”.After a few years of peace, Yang gave birth to a son, and the family of four lived in peace and stability.This morning Liu Si went out to fish early. The two children were playing in the yard when a beggar came and looked at the seven-year-old boy at the gate. He looked very much like his younger self.At this time Yang shi saw the beggar at the door, went to bring a bowl of rice out for him to eat, and the beggar saw Yang Shi felt very surprised.He was just about to speak, but found that Yang shi looked at him strangely, as if he did not know him.Call flower son after dinner, thank Yang, left silently, he regretted ah, but he also have no yan Yang mother and son, that is not their own deluded, how can they end up empty.Yes, the beggar is Jia Quan.It turned out that after Jia Quan righted Yu shi, her greedy nature came out. She spent lavishly and lost a large amount of money. In addition, Jia Quan only lost money in business in recent years, and jia’s family soon owed a lot of debt.And right now Jia Quan received a stranger to send a letter, it is old mammy after returning home, not a few years got sick, in the dying moment want to repent, just tell him that the child Yang shi gave birth to is not a white cat, but a boy, is yu shi’s idea, let oneself sent away.When Jia Quan heard the news, he regretted it very much. Besides, the creditor came to him every day asking for money, so he had to sell both his house and Yu’s house to the creditor.Jia Quan used to have a rich and happy family. Because of his concubine’s greed, Jia Quan hurt his wife and children, as well as himself.Although liu Si was poor but kind, he first saved the baby abandoned by Mammy, and took in the homeless Yang. Finally, good people have good results, so that he had a wife and a son, and lived a happy and stable life.People, whether rich or poor, should have a good nature, avoid greed and suspicion, otherwise it is their own harm.Folk Tale: A woman mysteriously disappeared for three days. The reason is hard to faze, but the truth is touching. Folk Tale: A widow is pregnant, her mother-in-law is suspicious, and a White Rabbit tells the truth from a dream.The bandits came to the village and burned and killed the girl. At the critical moment, they rushed out of a big cat