Huan Shui Park Management Station organizes study of Anti-Organized Crime Law

2022-05-08 0 By

On April 1, the huan Water Park management station organized cadres and workers to study “anti-organized crime Law” in order to further promote the normal work of eliminating gangs and evil, and consolidate the basis of publicity and public opinion of the rule of law.Conference, common learned the legislative purpose of the journal against organized crimes, organized crime concept, guiding ideology, basic principles, basic policy, such as content, analyze the key problem of clause interpretation, mainly on the property involved in the cognizance and disposal, state personnel wading the processing of organized crime, legal liability in detail.The meeting stressed:The Anti-Organized Crime Law is China’s first specialized, systematic and complete anti-organized crime law, which is a milestone in the development of the anti-organized crime system. All cadres and workers should have a deep understanding of the importance of the Anti-Organized Crime Law, and constantly improve the awareness of the rule of law combined with the eighth Five-year Plan to popularize the law.To study, publicize, carry out and implement the Anti-Organized Crime Law as an important task.At the same time, as an important starting point to promote the development of the regular fight against Mafia and evil to the depth, and strive to fight the regular fight against Mafia and evil for a long time.We will continue to enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security.Through the study, everyone benefited a lot, and they all said that they would continue to study and understand the law, learn deeply and thoroughly in the future, truly in accordance with laws and regulations, rational and well-grounded, and improve the ability level of using legal weapons to prevent and combat criminal crimes.