Red Leaves in Fragrant Hills (Episode 453)

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Two thousand two hundred and sixty-one xiangyan Beijing Xi Woods maple, mountain invite again on violet furnace peak.Red open fairyland weave long volumes, leaves hanging in the moon palace chardonnay.Two thousand two hundred and sixty-two incense tracks, mountains like jade Revlon.Red neon purple sleeve volley dance, leaf to climb the peak drunk nine.Two thousand two hundred and sixty-three xiangqiu color dyed peaks, mountain ao up to the sky thick thoughts.Red in the branches of xia for ink, leaves for China to write Hao Xiong.Two thousand two hundred and sixty-four xiangyan stop-frame catch autumn, mountain wind broken fog ziyun thick.Red maple also understand the poet, with acacia dream swim.Two thousand two hundred and sixty-five fragrant purple charm pure, mountain maple calendar drunk visitors.Red clouds scattered over three thousand colors, leaves holding a piece of common dust heart.(Author: Li Baocai) — For more exciting content, please pay attention to “Today’s Headlines, Hachi Mountain Vision”, welcome to leave a comment!Let us introspect in the heart, observe the world, feel the life and sublimate ourselves in the picture and text together!