Reiko: She’s swapping luxury cars and eating beef with gold leaf

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How ambitious is Reiko, an Internet celebrity, who splashes 80,000 yen just for a sushi meal, who buys 6.5 million yuan worth of sushi and eats a Porsche after 300 videos?At 23, he bought a Porsche with a birthday license plate. At 24, he owned a house in Front of Tokyo Tower in Japan, where land is expensive.When I go out, I drive different kinds of luxury cars, from Porsche to Bentley to Lamborghini, it is a walking luxury car.I usually carry Chanel and Hermes bags, most often wear a necklace is Van Cleef & Arpels, wear a Cartier bracelet of 300,000 yuan, and hang all kinds of big-name jewelry on my body.The restaurant, which costs tens of thousands of yen per person, is expensive for ordinary people to go to once a year, but Reiko has to clock in almost every week.Such a bold network red is rarely seen, because Ling zi’s video style is too bold, so she is also known as the net recognized assets chain into a mystery of the net red, relying on the fierce way to explore the shop circle millions of powder, and after becoming popular, Ling zi’s family background also caused the curiosity of fans.She lives in Japan but can speak fluent Chinese, thought she is just a rich second generation to study in Japan, in fact, he is a real Chinese and Japanese hybrid.Born in Guangzhou to a Japanese father and a Chinese mother, Reiko followed her parents to Japan when she grew up. Her wealthy family also successfully graduated from Meiji University, but after graduation she chose not to become a “social animal”, but chose to travel around the world.From the Netherlands to Finland to Mount Fuji, she visited 12 countries, including Japan, and stayed in a hotel near Beverly Hills for tens of thousands of yuan a night.After returning to Japan, she became a shop-visiting blogger, but while others shop for money, Reiko does it for her own enjoyment.You go to Disney and you empty an entire shelf and you spend $180,000 until you can’t lift it.Spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy the dog to pet, of course, the dog “drive” is Hermes bag, eat is specially customized dog meal, specially for dog image management, invited or director level barber, follow a rich owner, the dog can often get a meal of expensive wagyu cattle.Pay 36,000 yen for a skin treatment, experience a handful of Japanese butter eye washes, and apply 24-karat gold foil to your face for a gold SPA treatment.Often tens of thousands of yuan of violent bear toys, Lingzi used it to build a wall.On her birthday, She went to a French restaurant which cost tens of thousands of yuan to celebrate her birthday. She sat in the same place as last year, which confirmed her trench style.For Reizi, these are not the most important, because she herself is a restaurant blogger, when it comes to food, she has also paid a lot of money for herself, such as foie gras, caviar everything, go to five-star hotels or high-end chefs, just watching her videos, shocked countless fans.Reiko ate a 12-kilogram king crab in eight different ways and ate a Louis Vuitton bag in one meal, treating Disney as a 2,000-yuan dining hall.Wang Sicong was furious because he spent more than 10,000 yuan on an inauthentic sushi meal, while Reiko spent 80,000 yuan on an authentic sushi meal.”The last time I saw so much seafood was in the aquarium,” netizens commented after watching lingzi’s video.Others go to Disney is to realize their princess dream, see childhood favorite dolls can not move legs, but Reiko Disney as their own dining hall, from the door began to stroll all the way to eat, eat and wear Disney at a stretch.She tasted all the delicious food in the garden. After entering the garden, she first killed two large chicken legs and spent the rest of the day fighting in the sea of food. She even sighed that she felt like she was at the scene of cooking in the canteen.But it’s the raw ingredients reiko eats that are more jaw-dropping than the extravagance with which she pays.Eating raw chicken, horsemeat, beef and mutton, the meal was bloody but elegant because she ate wagyu beef with gold leaf!A ripe beef spilled blood in her mouth. Lingzi couldn’t help feeling that she was chasing a cow on the grassland.Others roast beef is seasoning, but Ling zi eat beef is sprinkled with a layer of gold foil, no wonder Ling zi said: “seasoning is not high, the Sense of Versailles is very strong.”After all, who would use gold as a condiment? It’s a luxury in the beef world.Raw beef tongue wrapped in raw egg wash and served with raw caviar, cooked food is almost impossible to see in Reiko’s videos.She has also eaten sushi 48 days out of date, exotic ingredients such as raw sea cucumber ovaries noodles and snapper two weeks old.But watching Reiko’s videos, you can see that this is not the first time she has eaten this kind of food. Almost all of her videos are based on raw food. A chicken is eaten from head to tail, the raw breast is ignored, but the heart and kidney are also eaten raw.No wonder this restaurant only serves two chicken dishes a day. Before eating, they have to pay 18,000 yuan to join. Is that really not insurance?Eat the wriggling octopus sashimi raw, reiko also tried to eat the raw horse sashimi, just entered the shop saw the horse meat explanation picture, Reiko also like many viewers are afraid to order anything.But when the horse meat was put on the plate, she immediately became a real foodie, from tenderloin to horse neck, and despite her initial fears, reiko still ate it with gusto.But when she saw the dish of black horse heart, She quickly admitted that it was like eating a mouthful of duck blood still flowing.There are plenty of videos like this, but in her other videos, Reiko often shows a large piece of raw meat sprinkled with spices and stuffed into her mouth.In addition to beef, horsemeat and chicken, which are unacceptable meat ingredients, sashimi and raw seafood are common in Japan, a magical country. Otherwise, how could Reiko lamentable that seafood can be eaten directly after being picked up?But this is how to eat the Japanese can accept it, but in front of most Chinese audience, will frighten dared not move chopsticks, so see ling son such a way, there are many net friend advised her not to eat, so, after all, so can eat raw meat, belly certainly can not stand, then again, so eat really afraid of have parasites?But after living in Japan for so long, Reiko has developed an “iron stomach” for herself. She jokes that she is Iron Man, and her fans refer to her as the “Princess of The Rare.”But reiko, as a restaurant blogger, is sure to take precautions before eating, and watching her eat some fresh seafood raw has made some of the viewers on screen drool.But the same kind of video do for a long time, Ling son also gradually began to face more and more doubts?Two Japanese Internet celebrities have returned home to boost the country’s economic growth, only to be accused of plagiarism.The cause is rotten Egg online ridicule of their own video plagiarism, then a marketing number issued a copy of the video, once detonated the network, but also reiko and Rotten Egg two video bloggers in the center of public opinion.So rotten egg released his video was plagiarized on the Internet, she said they have a lot in common from the content of the video to the timeline, including the mirror operation techniques and so on.After all, in Japan, it’s not unusual for two vloggers to choose different topics, but to Stinky Egg’s displeasure, there were dozens of them.So smelly egg listed the rules and regulations to prove that Ling zi plagiarism, coupled with the netizens’ doubts and marketing number of the spread, Ling Zi also seems to sit the plagiarism hammer, but the fact is really so?When she learned that she was questioned, Reiko immediately collected evidence and responded calmly. She said that this was her first response to plagiarism and her last response. Compared to the atmosphere in the video, Reiko was much more calm.She also responded to stinky egg’s questions one by one. Her nail art videos have been made all the time, and fans can see them. Reiko said that she and Stinky Egg actually had a conversation a year ago, and when stinky Egg wanted to get a dog, Reiko recommended a pet shop to stinky Egg.As a blogger of the same type, there is certainly no such thing as saying that others can’t do what they do. Reiko took out all the evidence against plagiarism and proved her innocence.Obviously, the two vloggers are also developing in Japan, but they are still in contact with each other privately.After returning to China, Lingzi ate all kinds of delicious food in the quarantine hotel as usual. She joked that if she ate like this again, her quarantine diary would almost become a diary of fatting up.Roast Suckling pig, lobster, more than 1000 lobster banquet, after returning to China, Reiko finally bid farewell to Japan’s raw food, but this eating method is still bold.The heroic Reiko, her background has also aroused the curiosity of fans, some even joked that she must be “Suzuki Consortium” big miss.However, She has never responded to her family background. In fact, no matter what her family background is, the most important thing is that we can get a taste of different customs of foreign land from her videos. However, it is really hard not to envy Her heroic life.