He didn’t cry at his mother’s funeral. He got his head cut off

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Books for you column, each with a length of about 1000 words, to explain an excellent work for you.Today I will talk to you about Camus’ novel The Stranger.The novel is short and can be read in about three hours, but the story is powerful.A man who has lived his life fully has experienced something that seems absurd.Only the reader knows whether he is spontaneous or unworldly and tactless.The beginning of the novel feels absurd.Today, Mursault’s mother died.Maybe yesterday, he couldn’t figure it out. He was about 60.In mourning clothes, he went to the nursing home in Marango, where his mother had lived. The coffin lid was already closed, but Mursau did not want to open it. He even nodded off to sleep during the wake.After burying his mother, his greatest joy was sleeping for 12 hours straight.Two days of bereavement leave, plus Saturday and Sunday, and four days off made Mursault happy.He went to the baths to swim, met his crush Mary Cardona, swam together to see a movie dinner, and lived together.And this became his bane in the future.On his way home from work, Meursault meets his neighbor Ramon Santis and sits down to listen to him.Santis asked Meursault if he would be his friend, and Meursault answered simply yes, but in his mind, he could be his friend or not.A friendship was formed, and it was because of Santez Mursault that he was sued for his life.Mursault and Mary’s feelings “heat up” again.When Mary asked him if he loved me, Mursault found this nonsense and felt that he did not love him.Speaking of marriage, Mary asked Mursault if he would marry her, and was told, “Yes or no, we’ll do it if you want.”At this point, readers have an impulse to slap him.They did not get married, and their last meeting was in prison.Ramon Santis, an Arab enemy, brought his friends Masson and Mursau to the beach for a swim.The Arabs followed, and several men scuffled on the beach.One of the Arabs was about to draw his sword and stab Meursault when Meursault shot him with a pistol given to him by Santis.Mursault fired four more shots at the body.It became a sin he could not defend.In court, the judge did not seem indifferent to the circumstances of his murder, but sought out the nursing home director, Mary, Santis and his neighbors and asked him about his mother, leaving it unclear whether he was being tried for her death or murder.The conclusion: When her mother was buried, Mursault was calm, didn’t cry, didn’t show any signs of sadness, went swimming the day after her mother died, had sex, watched a comedy movie, and even laughed.All of this is against moral standards. Mursault is a man who mentally killed his mother.In the end, Meursault was headed to the guillotine.He is an outsider whose fate is always decided by others.In the eyes of the judge and others, Mr Mursault showed the opposite.The basis of the judge’s conviction is not from the fact of the crime, but according to the moral motive, which caters to people’s moral judgment desire, but ignores the real existence.Moersau always treats family affection, love and life and death with absolutely true attitude. He insists that he does not want to yield to social norms and has his own absolute and pure standards of dealing with things.People laugh at me too crazy, I laugh at others don’t wear.Lu Xun said about “mask” : the mask is worn too long, it will grow on the face, unless the cramps move the bones and skin.It was not clear whether one should envy Mr. Mursault for his transparency and free will, or blame him for his lack of sophistication and tact.As the Nobel Prize for Literature said in its citation, “For his outstanding literary works, he clarified the various questions posed to the human conscience in the present era.”This is a painful thing, life is alive, do not have to act false.