New Year walk grassroots | power people’s winter Olympics

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This article was transferred from;”Fan normal, can start” “oil temperature normal” “speed normal”, the voice of the intercom constantly echoed in the busy central control room…During the Spring Festival, faced with the double pressure of epidemic prevention and control and energy supply protection, more than 1,700 electric power workers from Inner Mongolia Datang International Toketuo Power Generation Co., Ltd. from all over the country “on duty” to ensure reliable power and heat supply during the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.”During the Spring Festival, the lack of coal must not affect the unit power delivery.”Company fuel quality inspection department technical worker Wan Xiangyu said.For Wan xiangyu, this has been his third consecutive year in office.”My son has’ adapted ‘to me not coming home for the Spring Festival,” he said. “He has broken his promise to make dumplings with his wife.”A staff member of the fuel quality inspection department of Datang International Toketuo Power Generation Co., Ltd. inspects a coal transmission line in the snow.Whether they are picking up and unloading coal in the cold wind, or cleaning up coal storage in the coal bunker in the midnight battle, the staff of the fuel quality Inspection Department took the initiative to dispatch 29 coal trains at sidaoliu platform, which increased the company’s fuel inventory by 110,000 tons.Several units of the company need to consume nearly 50,000 tons of coal a day, which challenges the task of ensuring supply.”Bring the coal in, unload it and store it anyway, and make a contribution to the success of the Winter Olympics!”Company fuel unloading group staff Yang Bo said.”Master Zhang, the current of vacuum pump B of unit 1 increases and there are abnormal sounds in the pump, resulting in insufficient output, which may affect the continuous high load operation of the unit.”Early in the morning, the company maintenance department technical workers Zhang Lijie was rushed to wake up the phone ring.After more than 30 hours of continuous operations, they eliminated the noise without affecting the safe operation of the aircrew.Inner Mongolia Datang International Toktor Power Generation Co., LTD. Maintenance department technical worker Zhang Lijie (first from the right) and colleagues in equipment maintenance, will deal with hidden dangers in the bud.For Zhang Lijie, this year is the fourth consecutive year that he has stuck to his post.”It’s comforting that my family are understanding and supportive of my work.”He said.In order to ensure the winter Olympics supply period “do not drop the chain”, Zhang Lijie and his colleagues six months ago according to the company’s winter Olympics special work plan to develop a detailed overhaul plan, emergency repair plan.The comprehensive investigation and management of potential risks of equipment laid a good foundation for the safe and stable operation of the unit, and also trained the “basic skills” for responding to battles at any time.”Dad, mom, I am for the Winter Olympics electricity, don’t go home for the New Year, you take good care of yourself, pay attention to the epidemic protection!”Zhang Tianqi, an operator on duty in the power generation department of the company, went to the site of the 500 kV booster station after a video call with his parents in Songyuan city, Jilin Province.Zhang Tianqi (first from left), operation duty officer of power generation Department of Inner Mongolia Datang International Toketo Power Generation Co., LTD., and his colleagues braved the cold to check the equipment involved in the network.(joothan perturbation) in the weather of minus 20 degrees Celsius, tian-qi zhang and his colleagues to “more frequency, full coverage” for the principle, to all three booster station within the jurisdiction of the terminal box from the electric heat tracing pipe and booster station operational status switch repeatedly confirmed that the clock network control building, electronic patrol and protect the room key parts such as escort for the winter Olympics confirmed.”To be able to protect the lights of thousands of families in Beijing, Tianjin and Tang, to contribute to the Winter Olympics, a word, value!”Zhang Tianqi spoke the voice of electric power people.(Reporter Wang Jing)