4 million, choose Haizhu Shixi, Liwan Fang Village or Panyu Wan Bo?

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Buying a house is an important event in life, but everyone has different educational background, family structure, salary and welfare, job nature, age, emotional status, demand for house purchase, and financial budget. Buying a house is also based on the “observation, hearing, inquiry and consideration” of individual situation, so as to “apply the right medicine”.The prescription and dose vary depending on the symptoms.Therefore, the following content is the analysis, suggestion and recommendation of Dazui for the actual situation of the fans who came to consult, for reference only.House purchase Demand: House purchase budget: 3 to 4 million Home purchase background: getting married to have a baby, just need to buy a house Personality needs: 2-3 rooms, convenient subway, a good degree is better, building age after 2000Working in Lejiao, I am now focusing on Shixi and its surroundings in Haizhu District, Guanggang and Its surroundings in Liwan Fangcun and Wanbo in Panyu. Which one is more cost-effective in the three areas?A second-hand can, second-hand housing, building age after 2000, of course, the new after better hands.Building big mouth: in fact, about the comparison of cost performance, have to return to specific real estate.In simple terms, it is within the scope of the budget, in Wanbo, Fangcun Guanggang, Shixi and the surrounding can buy what kind of house.Because the primary house is affected by the price limit policy, and the second-hand house mainly depends on the seller’s mentality, so there is a second-hand upside down phenomenon in some regions/plates.Therefore, it is suggested that in the same plate, the price advantage can be given priority to the new house.| guangzhou real estate mapping, however, fans mentioned panyu huambo, li wan injure, haizhu stony brook and surrounding the three plates, or no new goods, or supply, or over budget.For example, Wanbo plate new plate, Yuexiu and Yuyue fu average price close to 60,000, equivalent to the total price to 6 million +;Pan-wanbo plate Xiangjiang · Pick up light Shengjing, although not yet opened, but the caliber of sales is yuexiu and Yuyue Fu, the probability will exceed the budget.| guangzhou real estate new dish is mainly concentrated in the injure of the li wan new town, flower to bay, GuangChuan, but most of the remaining project large family or is the price is higher, over budget.One of the few projects close to the budget is Vanke Jinyu Xi Mansion in Hudiwan. The project is good as a whole, with subway + provincial real nine-year education school, and you can buy two houses of 75 square meters within the budget.| vanke golden field the sunrise house peripheral visible, in the above three parts, the selection of the fan is limited.Might as well expand the scope and filter one by one.For example, Panyu passenger station longhu Jindi Tianfeng, is also a good choice.It is located on the panyu passenger station of the eastern extension section of Line 3. In the future, there will be 6 subway stations directly to Lijiao. For fans, the commute is very friendly.Within your budget, you can buy 2+1 apartments at 90 square meters.In addition, the building is also equipped with the longhu Tianjie Commercial Mall of 80,000 square meters, as well as supporting educational facilities such as kindergarten and primary school, and the building is under construction nearby Zhong Yuan Middle School (public).丨 longhu, jindi day peak peripheral schematic in addition to the metro line 3 east extension line (under construction), panyu bus modification, longhu completion of form a complete set of business and education, bring longhu jindi day peak increment, a subway station between panyu square area (office) of the supporting business, transportation, also can bring the space at a premium.If second-hand houses are considered, haizhu will be stronger than Panyu and Liwan in terms of regional IP, and more convenient and perfect than Panyu and Liwan in terms of commuting and educational resources. Therefore, it is recommended to choose haizhu second-hand residential area. Within the budget, you can pay attention to Yinghao Garden and Yipeng Cuiyuan in Nanzhou Plate.Yinghao Garden, they are about the same distance to the subway station by foot, but it has good community management and relatively high quality owners, mainly self-employed owners, doctors and teachers in the Textile city of Zhongda.The corresponding primary school is Also Nanwu Primary School.Yipeng Cuiyuan, located in Nanzhou Plate, is about 600 meters away from Nanzhou Station of Metro Line 2 and Guangzhou-Foshan Line.Opposite nanwu Primary School, nanwu Education Group, good reputation.The house was completed in 2003, and within the budget, you can buy three rooms of 80 square meters.1.4 kilometers is east xiao South business circle, supporting is more mature and convenient.Last but not least: in terms of Chinese family assets, choosing to buy a house is as important as applying for the college entrance exam. But most people make their decision in ignorance.If you have questions about buying a house, you might as well enlarge your mouth (wechat id: GZhouse2) to consult.After all, buying a house is a multi-dimensional technical work. We should not only be familiar with urban planning and development, but also know the law of the real estate market.More importantly, to have practical experience, can be combined with personalized needs of specific property analysis, so as to find the most suitable house.