Iron Man Jia Zongyang: 31 years +1 mistake +4 Olympic trips, China silver medal has a story behind it

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Jia Zongyang, 31, made a mistake in the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday night, sending China to the silver and the United States to the gold.In the first round, xu Mengtao got off to a good start with 106.03 points after finishing the women’s highest difficulty at 4.293.In the second round, Lillis of the United States decided 5 minutes before the start of the challenge to 5.0 difficult moves, he succeeded, the judges and video judges seemed to be impressed by his courage and high quality moves, gave him the highest score of 135 points.Under pressure, and perhaps desperate to win the Gold medal, Jia still chose a 4.425 point difficulty routine, but made a mistake when landing.He subconsciously performed a forward roll to ensure his balance.Details show that as soon as Jia Zongyang stood up from the snow, I saw tears of remorse and remorse in his eyes.Waiting for the score for just one minute, for Jia Zongyang, just like going through the long 4-year cycle of The Beijing Winter Olympics, this cycle, all the team’s training and competition were shaking in his mind, this process is undoubtedly a torment.”Don’t worry, it’s all right.”In such areas as Xu Mengtao the first time forward to give him a comforting hug.”I know no one is more upset than him.”In the end, Jia scored only 96.02 points.China’s Qi Guangpu performed almost flawlessly in the final dive, scoring 122.17 points, but the AMERICANS also performed well, scoring 114.48 points to win 338.34.China took the silver medal with 324.22.Xu Mengtao is 32, Jia Zongyang is 31 and Qi Guangpu is 32.In fact, the three athletes have worked together for four Winter Olympics, from Vancouver to Beijing, showing their strong team spirit.”Everyone wants to do their best on the pitch, the three of us are a unit and we take all the results together.”I lost the gold medal because of my mistake. I let down the trust of my team and teammates, as well as all the people who support us. I’m really sorry!”See Jia Zongyang remorse, Xu Mengtao and Qi Guangpu hug.Xu Mengtao said, “We three together, what is there to be afraid of, to enter together, to retreat together.”Qi Guangpu end of the game, the first time 3 people embrace together, “there is no good remorse, the last group I made a mistake, you are not also did not blame me!We are the best!”What about the details of the jump?Jia Zongyang recalled, “As soon as I came out, I felt basically ok and I was in control all the time.But when I hit the ground, I couldn t tell what the problem was.”Iron Man” Jia Zongyang.Jia zongyang has a nickname “Iron Man”.In 2015, Jia suffered a tibia fracture, fibula fracture and medial ankle fracture during a training session.During the operation, doctors implanted 22 steel nails and two steel plates in his legs.Under the X-ray, his legs suddenly become two pieces of steel, “Iron Man” from then on.The son is the heart of his parents, parents tearfully advised him not to practice, but he said no.With an iron will, he went through a long recovery, training and return to competition.He won a silver medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.After that, jia zongyang maintained a high level of performance throughout the Beijing Winter Olympics preparation cycle.Group comfort is the most warm heart.Jia said, “It is normal for our team to encourage each other. We failed this time, but I will adjust my condition as soon as possible and try my best to play better in the individual competition.””As long as you have a dream, injury and age are not problems.”Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu have won a total of 100 MEDALS in the World Cup. It is also the fourth time for the three veterans to compete in the Winter Olympics.In the face of aging and injury, they are still standing firmly in the winter Olympics.Of course, in a mature team, it is best to complement each other and maintain a high level of sustainable competitiveness.Pay attention to characteristic sports details comment, share magical sports power.(Photo from the network, deleted.)We don’t blame you