The happy year in the nursing home

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Paste fu, hang lanterns…The staff of the nursing home in Wuqing District is still busy recently. On this Year’s New Year’s Eve, 243 elderly people stayed in the nursing home for the Spring Festival due to the epidemic. All the staff of the nursing home made meticulous preparations to make the elderly feel the thick flavor of the New Year and feel the warmth of home.Below, please follow xiaowu to see how “house” in the nursing home of the elderly is how to spend the Spring Festival heavy management services not closed “uncle, let’s have a haircut, shave, you also have to stage the program, we have to dress up.”Aunt, let’s change a new hairstyle this time, and put on the new clothes that the child bought for you some time ago for the New Year, sure beautiful!”…In order to let the elderly feel the warmth of home, the district nursing home organized talented staff to help the elderly hair, shave, cut nails…Everyone busy side chat with the old man, laughter, very warm.The old people were dressed up with great vigor and vitality.New Year’s Eve dinner delicious nutrition you see this food, is not across the screen smell the fragrance, you have no drool ah!Nutrition and health is now the pursuit of life style.In order to make the elderly have a healthy and nutritious Spring Festival, the district nursing home has bought fresh vegetables and fruits, such as radish, cabbage, apples and bananas, and distributed them free of charge in batches to the elderly since January 16 according to their eating habits.”From the head of the nursing home to the staff are very nice, not only prepare fresh vegetables and fruits for us every day, but also prepare special pasta for us. When we heard that we would not be able to go home for the Spring Festival, they also gave up the time to spend with their families, so they are here with us. It is really hard for them!”Grandma Wang said excitedly.”Uncle Li, you sang the Peking Opera well just now. Have a rest and drink some water to moisten your voice. I have to learn from you sometime.”Staff small wang side a cup of water side chat with uncle Li said.On New Year’s Eve, the nursing home is holding a tea party, peanuts, melon seeds, candy, fruit on the table, you have the talent of the old people also took out their own skills, some splash ink, some to a Section of Beijing Opera, and the dedication of a poem recitation……Although here are all old people, but the festive, lively atmosphere is not reduced.”The activities in our nursing home are quite rich, and we are often organized to practice together at ordinary times. How can we miss the Spring Festival, such a festival of happy reunion, we must play a part.”Just finished the program wang Aunt happily said.”Grandma wishes you a Happy New Year!I wish you longevity and health and all the best!”Shu Liying, 89 years old this year, is holding up her mobile phone and exchanging New Year wishes with her family via video.In order to ease the old people’s longing for their families and solve the problem that family members cannot visit the elderly in the nursing home, this year the staff of the nursing home used their mobile phones to help the old people connect via video, so that they can “cloud” with their families.”As long as the elderly are happy and feel at home, that is our biggest wish,” said Zhou Keshuang, the head of the nursing home.Taurus bow down old, Tiger prance Spring Festival!Happy New Year to the old people in the district!Happy New Year to you all