What’s the best way to save money?The Original God is not very clever, ark tomorrow is a bit silly

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Secondary yuan mobile game everyone is krypton gold game, but there is difference between krypton gold, some krypton gold light, and for the game itself, their marketing krypton gold mobile game, also have greatly different, have a plenty of through the difficulty of the game, forcing players to krypton gold, some is through beautiful figures, attract people to krypton gold, as well as all kinds of activities, lead players to krypton gold,In short, all kinds of consumption patterns emerge in endlessly, but to sum up, game manufacturers are different!For now, the original god way of krypton gold, it’s not very good, because the original god characters, krypton and no krypton gold, there are still a certain gap, although not krypton gold will have the character to play, but if, improve their ability through the liver and time to grind, difficulty is big, only by spending that card, to improve their characters fighting!Another kind of game, not on the combat effectiveness, have too big difference, is basically balanced, but on character design, but very different, some high level sexy appearance character, often have very high popularity, many people want to go to beauty, so will put a lot of money to krypton gold, which represented by the ark tomorrow,The game is well balanced, thus eliminating the need for strong characters and giving the player aesthetic choices instead.In fact from the current reality, be characters and weak point of view, it is easier to krypton gold, otherwise the original god also can’t more than so many games, won the first prize of income water second yuan mobile game, but if the high strength of suction gold, will cause dissatisfaction with the players, it’s not known, in short is not a particularly good way, appropriate to reduce the degree of krypton gold,Maybe it’s better, but Ark of Tomorrow is a little bit silly, depending on the artist!Of course, there are also common features of these two types of games, which can be determined according to the combat effectiveness and appearance level. For example, “Battlefront of Zero”, basically SSR and other high-level cards, there will always be some relatively strong skills, so while drawing good-looking characters, but also enjoy the top battle force.Not only that, the game is also a very important characteristic, that is many benefits, such as the game has a popular, fighting capacity is very strong “mig”, the role of PVP and brush figure are output capacity is a leading player, such characters basically need to spend a lot of money, but in front of zero mig,You can get it with a free card draw!This is “zero battlefront” the biggest charm of the game, no matter how niu character, will be in the free lottery opportunity, give the player a possibility, not just a krypton gold game, so from this point, absolutely is very close to the people and grounding gas!