Spring Festival Gala 8 highlights!Sa Beining mouth ladle, as luyu card point on time, the new host hit face milk tea sister

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Every year the Spring Festival Gala is a large-scale ridicule scene, watching the Spring Festival Gala while ridicule become the joy of young people.This year’s Tiger Spring Festival Gala is no exception, but everyone seems to be more “kind” and “humorous”, to see the slot point, more huanhuanlele.At the beginning of the Spring Festival Gala, Deng Chao, Li Yuchun and Yi Yangqianxi first appeared and performed the song “New Era”.Li yuchun looked very charming and gentle in a short, sparkly pink dress.Yi yangqianxi’s younger brother, wearing a festive red short coat, with a hairstyle as if popular in the 1980s, a pair of peach blossom eyes soft as water.Only Deng Chao, a red suit, as soon as the stage began to dance, do not live in the sense of creating an atmosphere.It’s so different. It’s so social.Even the lady can not help but ridicule: super elder brother, you calm down, jump out of the picture.Deng Chao himself was very humorous and said: today’s singing and dancing is too perfect, not handsome to everyone, sorry ah.Two: Sa Beining mouth ladle, loan Spring Festival Gala live, off work buckle 200 this year the most funny than Sa Beining mouth ladle.Tonight when reading jingdong health, suddenly stuck, jingdong health read as “jingdong see”, many audiences including the people in front of the TV are in joy and ridicule: mom, and to deduct money, 200 or 400?Ha, ha, ha.Many Weibo users were even worse: Sa Beining borrowed money to broadcast the gala live.In the Spring Festival gala mouth ladle, for the professional host, very should not.Sa beining mouth ladle mouth after ladle, she chuckled myself down to smile, face red, but fortunately he was witty, later in the magic show, self-mockery said I hope you don’t like his gourd ladle “mouth”, witty dissolved the embarrassment.Because he is more popular, so we also as a Spring Festival gala joke.Three, Ren Luyu looked at the clock 6 times in 1 minute, for 5 years in a row, the most nervous when the clock is counted down at 0, in case the card is not allowed to 0, the whole Spring Festival Gala collapsed.Careful netizens noticed that ren looked at the clock six times a minute before counting down to 0, and each time her eyes would glance at it and quickly move away.I worry about the audience reading me, and I worry about timing.Fortunately, Ren Luyu is a veteran of the Spring Festival Gala, or very aggressive, before the countdown also interact with the audience, really is steady and warm.CCTV beauty host Li Sisi was wearing a blue high-necked gown with embroidery and tulle, but her neck turned red in a close-up shot.But still very calm in front of the camera, still bright smile, very relaxed word for word hosting.Spring Festival Gala is a big battlefield, there are many small details in the middle, a little attention is easy to cause ridicule.Five, Zhang Xiaofei again by clothes and makeup fire every year Spring Festival gala with a very eye-catching.This year, The peacock blue coat of Zhang Xiaofei’s Spring Festival Gala became popular again, selling out in 10 minutes.Everyone is lamenting that Fei Ma is really popular.In the meantime, careful net friend still discovered Zhang Xiaofei’s eye makeup and shoe, say to want to be the same makeup look in one after another, shoe also begins to be robbed crazy.Have to say, Zhang Xiaofei is very temperament, it is walking clothes shelf.This year’s Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger more than a new face, the new CCTV host Ma Fanshu hit the face of milk tea sister, many netizens said: the atmosphere and beautiful, appearance level is also very resistant.What is more surprising is that her appearance level actually hit the face of milk tea sister, between the eyebrows are very similar.Ma fanshu used to work as a host for the CCTV sports channel and was loved by many soccer fans.Real wen wan atmosphere, no problem CCTV face.Seven, CCTV Spring Festival Gala background fire, mountains and rivers everything CCTV Spring Festival Gala every year, the background of each program is very atmospheric.For example, the dance “Only Green” was greatly appreciated by Internet users.The beautiful actresses seem to have stepped out of the painting.”Memory of Jiangnan”, known as the “CCTV Fuchun Mountain Dwelling Picture”, perfectly displays the distant artistic conception of traditional Chinese landscape painting, reflecting the beauty of the ancient and modern times.Chen Kun and Xiao Jingteng starred in the “Yellow River and Yangtze River”, the background color is really beautiful explosion, mountains and rivers, green trees and the sea.CCTV’s aesthetic is really magnificent.Eighth, Teacher Chen Baoguo buttoning his nose through a mask in the Spring Festival Gala is always capturing the most classic scene.Many netizens found Chen holding his nose behind a mask, unaware that the camera was capturing him.This was made into an emoticon by netizens, saying that Chen baoguo’s artistic life is another classic scene.The Spring Festival Gala is the memory of every Chinese people, although many people say that the Spring Festival Gala is getting worse and worse, but to be able to sit at the table with a family reunion to watch the Spring Festival Gala, noisy is the best taste of the Year.I wish you all good health and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger.