Bocog: The closing ceremony will continue to keep the simple style of the opening ceremony

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The 13th regular press conference of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the main media Center today (February 17).Officials of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), boCOG (Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee) and representatives of volunteers of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on “volunteers”.Zhai Zhuang: Volunteers have become a beautiful scenery of the Winter Olympics.At today’s regular press conference, 94 percent of volunteers for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are under the age of 35.They work in different positions in the three competition areas of Beijing, Zhangjiakou and Yanqing. It can be said that volunteers are an important service guarantee force for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Teng Shengping, director of volunteer Department of BoCOG, said: “In accordance with the requirements of simple, safe and exciting games, more than 18,000 volunteers have been recruited for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, of which 63% are from Beijing, 12% from Yanqing and 25% from Zhangjiakou.Volunteer services cover 41 business areas, including sports competitions, venue management, language services and news operation.Teng Shengping, director of the volunteer department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG), said a volunteer home was set up for the first time in Olympic history.The volunteer home has functions such as rest, study and team building, creating a warm working environment for volunteers.Wei Yining, Volunteer of Beijing Winter Olympics: This experience is very precious for me. I learned professionalism and efficiency from the media, and I also learned focus and hard work from the athletes. This spirit has deeply influenced me, which is something THAT I think will benefit me for the rest of my life.International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams said the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics has made people around the world realize the importance of unity, which is also a vivid practice of the Olympic motto.Mark Adams, INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee PRESS SPOKESMAN: The Games, the value of the games, you see it, you see it on TV, you see it in all kinds of media, and when people come to the games, we all know that we want to bring the world together.The closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is also in the spotlight.It is understood that the closing ceremony will continue the simple style of the opening ceremony, but also through some links of design, presenting Beijing, the world’s only “double Olympic City”.Yan Jiarong, spokesperson for boCOG: The closing ceremony will also keep the simple style of the opening ceremony and will be dominated by some ceremonies and links stipulated by the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee.By hosting the Winter Olympics, Beijing became the world’s first double Olympic city.In this respect, the closing ceremony will have some special design and presentation.