Follow the Beijing Winter Olympics together to exercise, vitiligo people how to exercise more healthy

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At present, the events of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games are in full swing.Although not everyone can have the opportunity to go to the Olympic Games in life, but we cheer for the Olympic athletes at the same time, can also enjoy the joy of ice and snow sports.Not only that, Beijing Association of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine seventh skin venereal professional committee, Beijing Guodan Vitiligo hospital Director Wang Jiahuai pointed out that vitiligo and other people usually appropriate to participate in exercise, strong body, but also beneficial to relax, auxiliary vitiligo treatment.As the saying goes, life lies in exercise.Scientific exercise can bring great help to health.Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease caused by melanin loss. In recent years, the incidence of vitiligo has been increasing and getting younger.Wang Jiahuai pointed out that vitiligo on the one hand to early scientific medical treatment, on the other hand also should pay attention to daily care, appropriate exercise can improve immunity and resistance, auxiliary vitiligo treatment and recovery.Director Wang Jiahuai introduced that vitiligo is not a simple skin white spot, but with the human viscera, blood, immune and other internal function related to the comprehensive disease.Appropriate exercise, can enhance physical fitness, improve the resistance of the human body to various diseases, help adjust the function of the viscera, improve blood circulation, harmonize the immune regulation of the body, assist vitiligo treatment;Secondly, exercise also helps patients with vitiligo to broaden their vision, regulate the mood, temper the will, enhance the confidence to overcome the disease.Wang Jiahuai: to avoid harm, vitiligo patients so exercise more healthy it is understood that, with the winter Olympics, nowadays many areas set off the ice and snow sports upsurge, skiing, skating, playing ice hockey, skateboarding, feel the charm and fun of ice and snow sports.Although exercise benefits a lot, but Director Wang Jiahuai also reminded the majority of vitiligo patients, to participate in sports also have some places to pay attention to.The first is to pay attention to safety.Especially to participate in ice and snow sports, you can choose some high safety factor, the intensity of the relatively small movement.Control exercise intensity, avoid excessive activities to consume a lot of energy, exercise will cause body fatigue, but not good health.Patients with advanced vitiligo should pay more attention to rest, until the condition is stable or reduced, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise.Exercise should protect the skin, do not suffer from skin trauma, so as not to induce vitiligo “homomorphic response”.In addition to snow sports, vitiligo patients can choose other ways to exercise, such as running, practicing tai chi, swimming, playing ball, radio exercises, etc.Patients with vitiligo can take targeted exercise according to their own vitiligo etiology, condition and physical conditions.As the saying goes, early treatment of disease, vitiligo has the characteristics of diffusion, causing greater physical and mental pressure to patients, reduce the quality of life of patients.At the same time, we should receive scientific diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible to avoid delay.