King James is doomed!There are only two ways to make the playoffs, and Paul Currie is not even sure

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The spurs’ blowout victory over the Portland Trail Blazers means lebron James is gone, the Lakers are gone, and now Lebron James and his team will need a miracle to make the playoffs.With the victory, the Spurs won their second straight. The lakers have lost six in a row and are now two games behind SAN Antonio (33-45) at 31-47.Because of the NBA ranking rules, the Spurs can finish ahead of the Lakers even with the same record, so the lakers will need to pray for a miracle if they want to make a comeback, and James will need to pray for a super miracle if they can catch up again, otherwise they will have nothing but a nightmare.After this game, both the Spurs and lakers have just four games left, so there are only two possibilities for the Lakers to advance to the playoffs.Second: Lakers win 4 in a row, Spurs 1-3.That leaves those two possibilities, none of them, and even if the Spurs win 2 games, the eventual winner will be the Spurs.But with the lakers playing phoenix, Golden State, Thunder and Denver in the next four games, and the Spurs playing Denver, Minnesota, Golden State and Mavericks in the next four games, you can see who has the tougher schedule.With a Denver nuggets on both sides, the difficulty of the game is basically offset, and with a Warriors on both sides, the difficulty of the game is offset.But the other two opponents, the Lakers are SUNS and Thunder, and the Spurs are Mavericks and timberwolves, a comparison can actually find that the lakers’ schedule may be more difficult than spurs.How do you deal with the super team SUNS?And the SUNS still haven’t broken their team’s record for wins in a season, so they’re obviously saving up for it. What if the next time they play the Lakers, four major media outlets in the United States will broadcast the record at home?The lakers have been triple-beaten by the SUNS this season, and lebron James has lost his last seven games to the SUNS since game 4 of the first round of the playoffs last season.Finally, the Thunder are the same team that beat the SUNS by 21 points. What about the Timberwolves and Mavericks?The Timberwolves, who are two games behind the sixth-place Jazz and six games ahead of the Clippers, are likely to be in contention if they play the Spurs.It’s possible for the Mavericks to play seriously, but a Mavericks team can’t match the intensity of the SUNS and Thunder, so the final schedule clearly shows that the Lakers are more difficult than the Spurs.So if James wants to make the playoffs, he needs his buddy Chris Paul to lead the SUNS in the next game against the Lakers, and he needs his buddy Stephen Curry and Stephen Green to do the same against the Lakers and curry to help him beat the Spurs.He’s also counting on his buddy Jokic to help out, and the spurs have to beat the lakers. If the three superstars can lead the team to a loss to the lakers, they might have a chance at a comeback.