Mid-Autumn Festival poetry created by its own beauty?

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Mid-Autumn Festival poetry created by its own beauty?Normally the festival is so, prefer 35 mid autumn Festival.Cake to celebrate the reunion of the moon, alcohol in laurel wine.Hurry year after year, a little tong Qu can stay.As ever only the sky month, the moon hidden light clouds as old.Chengtang yingxia, laurel shadow fluttering, thousands of lights, thousands of dream circle.Poetry to honor cathay, Shenzhou chengtian.Turn pen prosperous times, Kyushu auspicious, where not graceful.Mid-Autumn Festival, is the day of family reunion, Mid-Autumn Festival, is the day to enjoy the moon.People have joys and sorrows, the moon waxes and wanes.Mid-Autumn Festival, we can enjoy the moon in the courtyard.Full moon, no clutch, heart informed, content.The sea moon, the horizon at this time.Moonlight over the lotus pond, dim lights.August is the time of harvest and reunion.Get together with your family, talk about the outside world, and listen to your hometown change.In all the silver, enjoy the round bright moon, enjoy this reunion moment.Her jiao yue hung dye day, family gathered to celebrate the reunion.Raise a glass to enjoy the night, the family night.Silver plate a light Mid-Autumn Festival, ten thousand stars drunk soft night.Yutu out of the palace to find love, chang ‘e moon to find love boat.Fengdeng five grain overflow, full courtyard laughter flow.Beautiful silhouette song, capturing elegant rhyme and poetry.The Mid-Autumn Festival is near.Laurel cold light, don’t go to no message.Sorrow can kill wine.Heart empty often hate the former love.The past is now more bearable.Looking back bleak, stuffy in idle all day.You don’t have to know who’s outside the building.Loneliness always asks to the west wind.