“Race for the horse” in front of the water Resources Bureau, Yangming Brigade Group do so

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On February 17th, the construction site of EPC ⅰ section of Yuyao West Branch project in the upper reaches of Yaojiang River was busy with the roar of machinery.Recently, a number of key water conservancy projects in our city have been resumed in an orderly manner, sounding the “call of charge” for the resumption of water conservancy projects after the holiday.Just after the Spring Festival, the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, with the attitude of “start is sprint, start is decisive battle”, has made every effort to promote the water conservancy work, earnestly implement the work of production safety, epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, to ensure the smooth and orderly resumption of key water conservancy projects in the city.Establish mechanism, set up project specialized class.City water district adhere to the “all revolved around the project, all around the project” the total principle, firmly seize the project the “gap”, applies a system of project department, the implementation of “one project, a leader, a plan, a grasp in the end” of the working mechanism of each key water conservancy project to set up a project department, determine a MingJu leadership as a commander, clear a set of detailed work plan,Solve the problems and difficulties encountered in the process of project development through on-site office work, special meetings and departmental consultation, track and implement the whole process, and promote the progress of the project.After the festival, the bureau for the first time to formulate the annual “project tackle” list, comb the construction project, list the monthly schedule, clear start time node, on time according to the order as early as the “construction” into the “real map”.Refine the plan, orderly resumption of work and production.This year, there are 3 key water conservancy projects in zhuhai, which are the Yuyao West branch project in the upper reaches of Yaojiang River, the Third phase of Taolu Road river regulation project and siming Lake reservoir reconstruction project. At present, these 3 projects have been resumed in an orderly way.The third phase of the renovation project of Taojia Road River began to resume gradually on February 10, because the ⅴ section of the project is located in The Jizhen section of Simen Town, involving housing demolition, resettlement, pipeline relocation, etc., the situation is complicated, involving a wide range of difficulties.In view of this actual situation, the municipal Bureau of Water resources adhere to the problem oriented, after the festival quickly organized the construction unit to elaborate the construction plan, reasonable arrangement of construction area.On February 7, urged by the city’s water, four siminghu reservoir from the dam project construction unit to strengthen cooperated-builing parties, such as construction, supervision, and the design of communication, prepare to return to work plan as soon as possible, to return to work preparation, the construction units actively preparing for construction supplies, epidemic prevention, do “of the paper, many leading”.At the same time, leaders of the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau went to the front line of key water conservancy projects to inspect the implementation of various epidemic prevention measures and work discipline, and required the nucleic acid test of relevant personnel returning to Yao, strictly implement various epidemic prevention policies, and ensure the safe and orderly resumption of work.In addition, the Municipal Bureau of Water Resources seized the policy opportunity, actively planned to strengthen the fund guarantee, strive for more special bonds for water conservancy construction, accelerate the replenishment of water conservancy infrastructure shortcomings.The bureau actively carries out the application for special debt of water conservancy projects, and has integrated and launched six water conservancy projects, with a total investment of 5.76 billion yuan. It plans to apply for special debt of 3.54 billion yuan, including 700 million yuan for special debt in 2022.In the morning of February 17th, workers are working together to catch up with the construction schedule and progress of the tourist service center of Hongcun, east Zhejiang, located in Hengkantou Village, Liangnong Town.Under the background of cultural and tourism integration and all-round development, the Tourist service Center of Red Village in east Zhejiang with a total investment of 150 million yuan will become another shining red cultural landmark in our city after it is completed and put into operation.As a collection of investment, financing, development, construction and operation of marketization of state-owned capital operating company, YangMingWen brigade group is in-depth implementation of the city’s “horse racing” catch to carry out the spirit of the special operation arouses congress, based on the development localization, focusing on the main business, improve the building group tour industry development pattern, a run at full speed, a new track.Open the list of yangmingyuan Tourism Group’s “Race for the Lead” special action project, the project name, specific content, progress, etc., is clear: integrate and coordinate the city’s foreign language creative industry resources, build “Yuyao Cultural and creative Alliance” gathering cultural and creative talents, build yuyao cultural and creative public service platform through the whole cultural and creative industry chain;Develop yuyao digital vision operation system, take wechat small program as the carrier, create regional exclusive digital operation platform by means of “short video + group fission +AR offline interactive operation”;Assisted in the establishment of Hemudu National Archaeological Park, and vigorously promoted the construction of 700 mu start-up area for phase III of the site;Fully cooperate with the development of Donggang Mountain block, develop high-quality, ecological and light vacation industry with forest tourism, cultural experience and sports health as the theme, release the new tourism momentum of Siming Mountain region…This year, Yangmingyuan Tourism Group aims at the cultural tourism resources in the city area, centering on the main urban area, Yaojiang cultural tourism belt, mountain hundred-mile scenic belt, East Yao historical and cultural experience plate, Northwest Yao Canghai Sangtian sightseeing plate, Siming mountain area sports health plate, highlighting the local characteristics of red tourism and other IP, to create diversified theme industries.Actively implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, fully excavate potential, tour development and reserves, focusing on four daming mountain leisure resort, yaojiang culture industry area, hemudu site, and the world jade garden area of resource integration, explore new forms, travel + built to speed up the local characteristics, the market hot, from classic culture highland, tourist resort.Source: Shirong Media Center reporter: Zhang Yunxia, Han Yuwen editor: Xiao Qi