Shenzhen nearly half of the housing close to the reference price transaction, part of the community “equivalent to a 70% discount”

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Nearly half of shenzhen housing sources close to the reference price transaction, part of the community “equivalent to a 70% discount”, “intermediary stores closed, brokers resigned, transaction volume innovation low”, or the real description of Shenzhen 2021 second-hand housing market.As the country’s first implementation of second-hand housing reference prices of the city, Shenzhen “2.8 New Deal” has been implemented for a year, how is the effect of market regulation?On February 8, 2021, Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau issued three announcements, announcing the establishment of second-hand housing transaction reference price release mechanism, which for the first time released the city’s 3,595 residential areas of second-hand housing transaction reference price is almost equivalent to 70% of the market price.Meanwhile, banks will issue loans based on reference prices.Second – hand housing transaction reference price landing, one of the impact is listing quantity.”Shenzhen’s property market regulation has been very intensive, as the first city in the country to introduce the reference price of second-hand housing, when the policy was just implemented, the market reaction was not particularly big, especially the news of banks lending according to the reference price is still waiting for details to be implemented.”Shenzhen Central Plains a broker said.Data released by Le Youjia Research Center showed that in February 2021, the number of second-hand housing listings in Shenzhen plummeted, down nearly 40%, mainly due to the impact of the Spring Festival holiday. In March after the Spring Festival, the number of listings in Shenzhen recovered to the level before the new policy.However, after the policy transition period in March last year, since April, with the strict implementation of the policy, the market listing volume has declined.After several months of continuous cooling, the market listing volume declined further in September 2021. In addition, with the deepening of policy regulation and control, the market continued to cool down, and some owners who needed replacement or money relaxed their mentality, and the listing price declined.The number of listings in 2021 dropped by about 30% compared to the same period in 2020.Shenzhen local intermediary is to “frozen” to describe the shenzhen secondary housing market at that time.With the decline in the number of listings, the volume of second-hand housing has also been affected.”After the second-hand house reference price, because of the gap between the reference price and the listed price at that time, the owner’s mentality is still relatively firm, not anxious to use money to sell.There are also few customers, with owners and buyers sitting on the sidelines waiting for a clearer market.”Shenzhen Centaline Real Estate bao ‘an area a broker said.”The second-hand housing market has not been good. I started focusing on new houses, apartments and shops in the second half of last year, and three-fifths of my colleagues in the shops have left.””Said the broker.Data from Le Youjia Research Center show that in 2021, the transaction volume of second-hand housing in Shenzhen dropped sharply, from 95,273 units in 2020 to 40,699 units, a year-on-year decline of 57%.The share of second-hand residential transactions hit a 15-year low.Zheng Shulun, president of Centaline (Mainland) South China region and managing director of Shenzhen Centaline, told that there is indeed a significant drop in prices of some properties that have been heavily hyped in the early stage. When the reference price was just released, the price fell steadily, mainly due to the confidence of owners.In recent years, Shenzhen has been constantly regulated, with strong market adaptability and fast speed of adaptation.In 2020, the “715” new Policy was known as the strongest regulation in history, but soon resumed the upward trend.Therefore, the introduction of reference prices let the market frozen, but the short-term price loosening is not obvious.On the one hand, the transaction volume has been running at a low level for a long time, and it has been at a low level for nearly a year. Some investors, customers in urgent need of funds or changing houses are overstocked, and they have to sell at a lower price.On the other hand, since the second half of last year, the central government has exercised centralized regulation across the country, and the central government has made frequent statements. As a result, housing prices have not been speculation and housing prices have not been shaken.In addition, in the fourth quarter of the university district, the real estate tax, school district housing is also hit, owners expect to decline, price reduction has become a normal situation, especially under the current state, customers carefully purchase, only bamboo shoots can have the market.The most direct influence of the second-hand housing transaction reference price is to drive the price of the hot residential area down by 30%.According to the monitoring data of Le Youjia Research Center, in May 2021, shenzhen second-hand housing price index dropped to -0.1% month-on-month, ending the trend of 22 consecutive months of rising.”2.8 New Deal” within half a year, including colorful day mingyuan, Xinghai Mingcheng, Vanke four seasons flower city and other hot areas of the average transaction price fell by 12%-23%, “2.8 New Deal” a year later, the average transaction price fell by 17%-30%.The equivalent of a 30% discount in some neighborhoods.In addition, in September 2021, close to 40% of the housing transactions around the reference price, October to November, more than half of the housing transactions at close to the reference price.As the bamboo shoots on the market are constantly digested, and affected by the positive signals of the policy in the past two months, the proportion of housing sources close to the reference price has decreased.In addition, according to shenzhen Central Plains research Center data show that the reference price of the implementation of the New Deal for a year, the average price year-on-year decline in the transaction of 20%~30% of the real estate in all the average price of the real estate, accounted for about 10%.In the real estate that clinch a deal on a year-on-year basis average price falls, account for the most for the real estate that falls in less than 10%, among them again drop in less than 5% of the real estate in the majority.That is to say, most real estate even if clinch a deal average price has fallen, range is not very big.Take the Junyue Pavilion project in Futian Huaqiang North as an example. The official transaction reference price of this community is 103,400 yuan/square meter. Before the reference price of the second-hand house is settled, the reference price of this community listed on the shell housing platform once reached 167,506 yuan/square meter.Take a house of about 49 square meters as an example, the current official reference price of the house is 5.1 million yuan, but the owner really expected to offer 6.7 million yuan.Although the price is different from the reference price, it is lower than the previous listing price.Zheng Shulun said, affected by the new price policy, new and second-hand housing prices down in severe cases, the market good, the situation has not been reflected, but last year under the condition of the market downturn, this problem was highlighted, customers are more inclined to bridal chamber, leading to new homes last year continued to enlarge, the secondary trading volume has plunged sixty percent,For the first time in nearly a decade, the turnover of new houses exceeded that of second-hand houses, which can be described as double fire and ice.In Zheng Shulun’s view, the second-hand housing turnover has been to a very low level, in recent months the turnover of only 2000 sets of about, the volume will naturally fall in price, the owner’s mentality also began to accept the reality, want to sell the house cash, had to reduce the price for sale.”In the past year, banks have generally tightened the amount of mortgage loans, with higher approval threshold and longer time. The market as a whole is in a state of ‘ischemia’, and the continuous downturn in second-hand housing has become a foregone conclusion.”Le youjia marketing president Meng Fanzhen said.However, Zheng Shulun believes that the second – hand housing prices below the guidance price is unlikely.As can be seen from the market performance, as long as the price close to the guide price, there will be customers willing to pay, this year’s second-hand housing market has the opportunity to rebound low, but the rebound space is not necessarily very large.Now it seems that the worst market situation has passed, I believe that the future volume will gradually increase.Meng Fanzhen also said that the current second-hand housing transaction volume in Shenzhen is still in the downturn stage, before the festival for several months are in a rare transaction volume of about 2000 sets/month.Since this year, the situation affected by the festival has not changed significantly.However, data from Le Youjia showed that the number of visits from customers and the number of offline store viewings showed an obvious upward trend.Meng Fanzhen mentioned that the seller is still looking forward to the March Indian Summer market, currently in a delicate stage of mutual testing and stalemate, with the recovery of market sentiment and the impact of the holiday fade, I believe that there will soon be new changes.In addition, since last year, the trading volume continued to be low, accumulated a large amount of purchase demand, the current price is also in a stable low stage, it believes that the market will rise in the future.