Sun Weijie, the richest man in Yantai, awarded 435 cars to his employees in 14 years and created a company worth 40 billion yuan to save his mother from cancer

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Whenever mention of the rich in domestic provinces, we will think of zhejiang, Guangdong, these places, but in the north of Shandong, there is also an extraordinary rich entrepreneur, he is the richest man in Yantai Sun Weijie, compared with other provinces, sun Weijie’s experience is different?As early as 2014, Sun Weijie has accumulated assets of 20 billion yuan by relying on jerry Group, which he founded, surpassing song Composition, the former richest man in Yantai, ranking first in Yantai, third in Shandong and 90th in China.Mention sun Weijie, we certainly do not hear what, he and the Jerry group he founded, people are low-key, rely on strength to talk, but although Sun Weijie low-key, but in the employee welfare treatment in this aspect, but particularly publicity.On January 20th this year, Jerry Group held a year-end staff recognition meeting publicly. At the meeting, the senior management of the company personally distributed rewards to the employees who worked hard and made outstanding achievements in 2021.A total of 28 people have been selected as the best employees in the company, and each of them will be rewarded with a car.According to the different performance levels of employees, they will be awarded different car brands. The highest standard is BMW, while the lowest standard is Xiaopeng, a domestic new energy vehicle.And it is worth mentioning that this award is not the annual bonus of Jerry Group. According to the speech of the company’s senior executives at the conference, another wave of annual bonus and welfare will be sent to employees after this.According to jerry’s employees, the company is not new to rewarding employees with cars, as early as 2008, chairman Sun Weijie approved the scheme.By 2021, the company has issued car incentives for 14 consecutive years, awarding 435 cars in total. According to financial estimates, Jerry Group has invested 64 million yuan in car purchase alone.In this regard, Jerry group executives said that Sun Weijie set up this incentive system, is to let employees understand that they will be rewarded for their efforts to the company.It is precisely relying on such incentives that jerry Group’s development has been relatively stable, the scale is also growing.In 2008, the company’s annual capital was only 439 million yuan, the net profit was only 88 million yuan, but in 2020, the company will be able to book 8.295 billion yuan, the net profit is more than 1.6 billion yuan.It is not difficult to see that Jerry Group has made great progress under the impetus of Sun Weijie’s incentive method.Mention Sun Weijie, the company employees will show consistent admiration, the original Sun Weijie is not only a good boss who takes good care of employees, but also a good son of filial piety.Back in 1993, Sun weijie quit his job as a school teacher to start a business. At that time, however, the company was not Jerry group, but a small stall selling fried dough sticks.After that, Sun Weijie began to establish a relationship with downstream suppliers of some large foreign companies, and he borrowed money and loans to set up a factory. He took goods from these suppliers, processed and sold them by himself, and made a lot of money in more than two years.But Mr. Sun’s interest in business waned and he decided to go back to his old job as a school teacher.Although the day is good, but in 1994 when, Sun Weijie’s mother is suffering from cancer, the Sun Weijie that needs money urgently just understands the advantage of doing business, raise money to cure a disease to the mother on the one hand, found the partner before on the other hand to prepare to do business again.In July 1995, Sun Weijie and his partners established the predecessor company of Geri Group and began to do mineral business. Since then, with the development of mineral resources and energy, Geri Group has been developing better and better, and the market value of the company once reached 40 billion yuan after it was listed.Although Sun Weijie no longer needs to worry about raising money for medical treatment, new troubles are coming one after another. Domestic heavy industry and energy development enterprises will be strictly controlled from 2021, and a higher standard of low carbon emission index has been proposed. Jerry Group, which has made a fortune relying on oil and mineral resources, is under great pressure.And in 2021, song Composition of Nanshan Group, which was once surpassed by Sun Weijie, again surpassed Sun Weijie with 35 billion assets, while Sun Weijie’s net worth also shrank from 20 billion at the peak to 10.5 billion now.Therefore, for Sun Weijie and Jerry Group in the future, there are many challenges to deal with. Will Sun Weijie be able to turn the tide and regain the position of the richest man in Yantai?