It is equivalent to 1.5 Orson Park and 1023 hectares of wetland in Beijing

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Huairou Urban Forest Park.February 2nd is the 26th World Wetlands Day, with the theme of “Cherish Wetlands, Harmony between Man and nature”.According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Greening, Beijing’s wetland area will expand by 1,023 hectares in 2021, equivalent to 1.5 Orson Parks.It’s the coldest season of the year.Chaoyang District Wenyu River Park east park, surrounded by wetlands on a deserted island is very busy, thousands of birds in the reed roosting over the winter, chattering non-stop.”There used to be a few sand factories here. Everywhere was dust and ash. Where were the birds and fish?”Park officials said wenyu River park was built just over a year ago, small animals are invited, especially near the wetland, especially lively.Nowadays, there are more and more wetlands like this in Beijing, where birds fly and fish leap.According to the statistics of the International Wetland Convention, the total area of wetlands in Beijing reached 62,100 hectares by 2021.Since the second half of the 20th century, due to climate change, population growth, urban development and other reasons, the capital’s wetland area has been sharply reduced, said an official from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Greening.In recent years, the city has implemented the strictest wetland protection and management system.Years of construction and management have finally awakened one wetland after another in Nanhaizi, Yeya Lake, Cuihu Lake, Maju Bridge and other places.Combined with the afforestation project of millions of mu, many spots of wetlands in the suburbs of Beijing form a large scale wetland forest plate.In August 2021, the Beijing Wetland Protection and Development Plan (2021-2035) was released, clearly establishing the overall wetland pattern of “one core, three horizontal lines and four vertical lines”.In order to refine and implement the relevant requirements of the Plan, the work plan for the past three years has also been released.”In the next three years, Beijing’s wetland protection and restoration work will follow the principle of ‘easy things first, difficult things later, and gradual implementation’.”Zhang Zhiming, director of wildlife and wetland protection Department of Beijing Bureau of Landscape and Landscaping, introduced that combining different regional characteristics and using limited space, the city will gradually carry out a number of small and micro wetland restoration, which will be the biggest highlight of the city’s wetland restoration work.Small and micro wetlands refer to wetlands with an area of less than 1 hectare.Small wetlands inlaid in urban and rural areas can become an important drinking water for animals.Yan Haiping, the former chief engineer of the Xishan Forest Farm, told reporters that in early 2021, the Xishan National Forest Park built small and micro wetlands using mountain gullies to collect rainwater in summer.This year winter, the Yan Haiping that Tours trudging on the hill all the year round discovers, the figure of small animal is more than in previous years apparently, the rabbit that has herbivorous, squirrel not only, still appeared leopard cat of pure carnivorous animal.During the 14th Five-year Plan period, the city will combine rural revitalization and beautiful village construction, and build more than 50 small and micro wetlands.The city will also combine a new round of afforestation action plan of one million mu, with the construction of small and micro wetlands as the entry point, with the construction of Wenyuhe Park, Nanyuan, Kangzhuang forest wetland and Shahe wetland park as the focus, planning the management of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grass systems, and promote the optimization and integration of wetland nature reserves and wetland parks.(Reporter Zhu Songmei)